Guardian Tracery Index

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Tracery Skill Attribute(s) Trait Tree Values Stat Attribute Values
Adaptability Block & Parry Rating Adaptability Block & Parry Rating The Defender of the Free +1.6-2.2% Block Rating +340-32659
Bash Damage Bash Damage +28-38.5% Tactical Mitigation +227-21887
Brutal Assault Damage Brutal Assault Damage The Keen Blade +28-38.5% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Catch a Breath Cooldown & Heal Catch a Breath Cooldown
Catch a Breath Morale Heal
Incoming Healing Rating +340-32659
Charge Duration & Speed Charge Duration
Charge Run Speed
Vitality +23-1710
Force Taunt Duration Force Taunt Duration +4-5.5 Block Rating +340--32659
Guardian's Pledge Cooldown & Magnitude Guardian's Pledge Cooldown
Guardian's Pledge Magnitude
The Defender of the Free -48-66
Tactical Mitigation +227-21887
Guardian's Ward Damage & Parry Chance Guardian's Ward Damage
Guardian's Ward Parry Chance
Parry Rating +340-32659
Guardian's Ward Duration & Block Chance Guardian's Ward Duration
Guardian's Ward Block Chance
Block Rating +340-32659
Increased Block, Parry & Evade from Protection Increased Block, Parry and Evade Chances from Protection The Fighter of Shadow +0.8-1.1% Parry Rating +340-32659
Overwhelm Damage & Critical Chance Overwhelm Damage
Overwhelm Critical Chance
The Keen Blade +28-38.5%
Critical Rating +289-27760
Parry Response Damage Reactive Parry Damage +28-38.5% Parry Rating +340-32659
Shield Damage Shield Damage +28-38.5% Tactical Mitigation +227-21887
Shield Smash Damage Shield Smash Damage The Defender of the Free +40-55% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Stagger Critical Chance & Duration Stagger Critical Chance
Stagger Effect Duration
Critical Rating +289-27760
Stamp Cooldown & Damage Stamp Cooldown
Stamp Damage
Physical Mastery Rating +275-+26454
Sting Damage & Critical Chance Sting Damage
Sting Critical Chance
Critical Rating +289-27760
Sweeping Cut Damage & Critical Chance Sweeping Cut Damage
Sweeping Cut Critical Chance
Critical Rating +289-27760
To The King Damage To The King Damage The Keen Blade +28-38.5% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
Turn the Tables Cooldown Turn the Tables Cooldown -12-16.5 Vitality +23-1710
Vexing Blow Damage Vexing Blow Damage +28-38.5% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454
War-chant Duration War-chant Duration The Fighter of Shadow +4-5.5 Vitality +23-1710
Warrior's Heart Duration Warrior's Heart / Fortitude Duration +8-11 Incoming Healing Rating +340-32659
Warrior's Heart Morale Heal & Maximum Warrior's Heart / Fortitude Morale Heal
Warrior's Heart Max Morale
Incoming Healing Rating +340-32659
Warrior's Heart Stoic Bubble Strength Stoic Bubble Strength The Defender of the Free +20-27.5% Incoming Healing Rating +340-32659
Whirling Retaliation Damage Whirling Retaliation Damage +28-38.5% Physical Mastery Rating +275-26454


  • Only Stat Attributes increase in value from Enhancement Runes. Skill Attributes do not increase in value.
  • Values for Skill Attributes range from the value on an Uncommon quality Tracery to the value on a Legendary quality Tracery.
  • Values for Stat Attributes range from the value on an unenhanced level 45-95 Tracery (Item Level 51) to the value on an unenhanced level 131-150 Tracery (Item Level 450).

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