Quest:VIP Rewards

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VIP Rewards
Level ...
Type Solo
Repeatable Daily
Starts with Wenda Cranesbill
Starts at Celondim, Bree Market Square, Michel Delving, Thorin's Gate, Lhan Garan, Lond Cirion, Dol Amroth, Halrax, Umbar Baharbêl, or Housing areas
Quest Group Special
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ah... a patron of distinction, welcome indeed!'

'I happen to have some items that might enhance your adventures, and you are quite welcome to them.'

'Even in the bleakest wilderness, you can use these fine items to call on all the services found in the finest of towns, keep your equipment in tip top-shape, and craft with great speed.'


In recognition of your VIP status, Wenda offers you some items of convenience to aid you in your travels.

Objective 1

Speak with Wenda to accept her kind offer.


'Here you go, and safe travels!
'Should you pass this way again another day, <name>, I would be happy to provide these gifts again.'