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Location In towns and villages throughout the Shire
Race Hobbit
Type Scenery


Townspeople talking, scenery!

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General Hobbits

  • Have you heard? Mayor Whitefoot's worried about some upstart from Hobbiton who's been secretly gathering support.
  • I've had an adventure. I've paddled all the way from Frogmorton!
  • Some days, if you look west after the rain, you can see a rainbow rise over the hills.
  • Oh I don't know what to eat first.
  • Just last week I ran out of sugar! Took me half a day to find then my tea was cold.
  • Oh, my belly's rumbling! What's there to eat?
  • You're an odd sort of person to be running around the Shire
  • Be the weather fair or foul, any day is good for a picnic.
  • I don't see the need for all these bounders...making people nervous is all.
  • There's nothing like a nice picnic to ease the day by...or night, for that matter.
  • Hello?
  • You look like a trveller...if you ever find yourself in Buckland, you remind my no-good cousin Hodric he owes me money!
  • Oh those waggle-jaws at Town Hole think too much of themselves and their ideas. I could use a bitter but I must get back.
  • I hear there's going to be another big gathering at the party tree soon. Nothing will top old Baggin's party though.
  • Yes, yes, what can I do for you?
  • The Bird and Baby's just the place to quench your thirst with a nice beer.
  • The Mathom House is the pride of Michel Delving all manner of curio can be found there.
Location In towns and villages throughout Ered Luin
and the Shire
Race Dwarf
Type Scenery
  • Some of the finest pipeweed and produce is grown in the fields south of Town.
  • ...and he says to me "We should change the name of the Bird and Baby", can you believe that? madness!
  • Have you heard that crazy girl on the commons? Ranting about pies or some such thing.
  • I'll drink my fill before I head back to Town Hole. I need it with that lot.
  • Mayor Whitfoot had best mind his step, or next election he'll find himself on his duff.
  • Something needs to be done about the shrew around here. They've been digging up my garden again.
  • Those hobbits in Little Delving think quite a bit of themselves. They look at us like we're from Waymeet.
  • I'm looking at buying a tidy little hole up Little Delving way.
  • Those fools in Waymeet and Needlehole want to curb the number of Dwarves allowed through the Shire. Don't they know where the metal for their ploughshares and pots come from?
  • Some of the Bounders up Brockenborings way want more coin; say it's more dangerous these days. Ha! In my day being a bounder was an honour!
  • Michel Delving is the greatest town in all the Four Farthings.
  • I propose that we rename The Bird and Baby to something more bold like the Falcon's Nest.
  • Have you heard about this pie problem everyone is talking about? I'll have to investigate further after lunch!
  • It's not through threats but treats that you win the hearts of the people.
  • The Shire is a beautiful and peaceful place. So it was in my father's day, and so it will be in the time of my children.

Conversation between 3 Hobbits in Michel Delving

  • There has been a rash of rancid pies all across the Shire.
  • Why has this happened, you ask? Because the privileged few have hoarded the best fillings for their own!
  • What's she talking about?
  • It's True! The Brandybucks, the Tooks...these so called patriarchs have been keeping the common hobbit under their heels!
  • Hey, my cousins are Tooks!
  • The Thain? The Master of Brandy Hall? These are hollow titles handed down from straw-man to straw-man!
  • Straw-man? Is she saying the Thain's a scarecrow?
  • I'm saying Mayor Whitfoot's the only one we can trust because we are the ones who empower him!
  • Oh my, did we? He's a nice enough hobbit, but I'm not sure if I meant to, ummm, empower him.

Conversation between 2 Hobbits in Budgeford

Location In towns and villages throughout Ered Luin
Race Elf
Type Scenery
  • Oh, I love your dress!
  • Thank you, I just got it on my trip to Tuckborough.
  • Ah yes, how was your trip?
  • Well some of the Tooks were quite rude. I overheard the shopkeeper call someone a "Mudfoot"!
  • Why I never!
  • I even over heard the tavern maid in the Floating Log call Odo the "Sausage King" of the Shire behind her hand.
  • Well his sausages are second to none. Isn't that why he named that big boar "King"?

Thorin's Gate Dwarves

  • When the sun comes up in the morning, and it hits the peaks just right, it looks like they're made of mithril.
  • One of these days I'm going to catch me one of those aurochs and roast it over a fire.
  • Not all that glimmers is gold and not all that is sullied is without worth.
  • Have you been up to the old Elf ruins on the mountain? Some say that they're haunted.
  • My father once made a hefty profit trading on Rath Teraig, but now the goblins block the path.
  • Ah the glint off the glacial lakes is like fire in the heart of a diamond.
  • I sell fine gems but not to the likes of you. Check the hall of trade for what you seek.
  • I've been thinking of lacing my beard into five braids. What do you think?
  • I heard one of the guards was killed in a cave-in recently.
  • Where do all these Elves keep coming from? We're being invaded by outsiders!
  • Next thing you know this place will be crawling with Men from the east!

Location In towns and villages throughout Bree-land
Race Man
Type Scenery

Conversation between 3 men in the Prancing pony

  • We're not interested in your excuses. We just want our money.
  • I haven't got all of it....
  • Look, you got a loan to buy seed for planting, now your harvest has come and gone with naught to show.
  • Here, I'll give you what I have. That will have to be enough for now.
  • We'll tell you what's enough. Either you turn over your lands as payment or the watch'll find you face down in a ditch.
  • But that farm has been in my family....
  • We've heard that story before.

Conversation between woman and prisoner at Bree-Town Jail

  • You and your fellows burned down my farm!
  • I haven't any idea who you are! I've never seen you before in my life.
  • You've burned so many farms, I'm not surprised you don't remember them all!
  • I swear to you, I don't recognize you.
  • Well, you look exactly like the men who burned my farm, you and your friend here!

Conversation between 3 Hobbits in Bree-town at north gate

  • What happened? I told you to steer towards the shrub wall....
  • What do you mean steer? There's no horse...we just pushed it down the hill!
  • I suppose that's true. What happened to Old Hob? Hob! -- Hob!
  • Oh bless me, he's stuck in the wall!
  • Hob, are you all right?
  • Hang in there Hob. Once we get our feet, we'll find a ladder and get you down.