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Type: Ruins
Region: The Shire
Area: The Marish
Location: [33.0S, 63.6W]

Stocktower is a landmark within the Marish, in the Shire. [33.0S, 63.6W]

Just south of Stock a watchtower is standing guard over the Brandywine river. Signs and carvings indicate that it was erected during the Arthedain reign, well before the Shire was founded in III 1601.


Bridge leading to Stocktower



These deeds can be advanced by visiting Stocktower:


"The Stocktower is a curious old Arnorian ruin standing guard near the Brandywine Bridge.
"Few such ruins still stand in the Shire - having long ago been dismantled by industrious Hobbits to construct more modern residences, but the Stocktower has become something of an icon and mischievous Hobbit children have been known to frequent the ruin despite their parents' admonishments to the contrary." — Deed text