Nosey Hobbit

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Nosey Hobbit
Image of Nosey Hobbit
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire


Some hobbits are notorious for being gossip-mongers, while others are extremely curious or excited at the prospect of a new letter from friends and relatives. Nosey Hobbits are always happy to see a representative of the Quick Post mail service, although those delivering the mail are seldom happy to see them.

Quest Involvement

These quests are started at any Postman in the Shire and may be completed in any order

Finish: [1] A True Friend to the Quick Post

More information, see Quick Post

Quest Involvement in the Yondershire


"Hunters in Overhill been complaining the bears have been stirred up lately."
"Did you hear? Farmer Sandson over near Little Delving hurt his foot, and he'll be laid up for weeks!"
"Some hobbits there in Stock have it in their heads to go after them Black Riders. What nonsense!"
'Now I'm not one to talk, but I heard old Adelard Took at the Great Smials is being troubled by something."
"Now, don't tell anyone I told you, but I've heard that Lotho Sackville-Baggins is up to no good."
"I just heard some hobbits went trapessing off into the Old Forest. Sounds like madness to me!"
"Seems the Quick Post service is tasked to the limit lately. Always looking for more help."
"Just between you and me, the pies coming out of Hobbiton lately haven't been all that good."
"Did you hear about them Black Riders? They sure sounded like a scary lot!"
"Hard to believe, I know, but I've heard that some Big Folk are setting up camp in the Shire!"
"I never thought I'd see the day there would be wolves in the Shire!"
"Not sure how folks in Needlehole put up with them dwarves. They are a surly bunch!"
"Rumour has it Farmer Maggot is having trouble with more that just hungry hobbits lately."
"Did you hear? The quarry in Scary is overrun with spiders! How disgusting!"
"Mark my words, nothing good will come from that Gandalf's meddling in the Shire!"
"Some in Brockenborings are always worrying about goblins returning. Jump at their own shadows, they would!"
"Something wrong with those Bagginses. First that Bilbo goes off, now his nephew gives up Bag End?"
"That Lobelia Sackville-Baggins has some nerve. Her party is becoming a right proper nuisance!"
"Can you believe Mayor Whitfood? I hear he's planning on refurbishing the whole Town Hole."
"If you believe the tales, I've heard the Bounders are a might busy lately keeping the Bounds."


The Evil Eye at the mini-map

Most usually Nosey Hobbits are Quest-failer NPCs. During the mail delivery quests, if a player carrying a bundle of mail gets too close to a Nosey Hobbit and is detected, the quest will fail.

While a player is carrying the bundle of mail, Nosey Hobbits appear as an eye icon on the mini-map radar, allowing the player to see their location and attempt to avoid them.