Great Smials

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Great Smials
Region: The Shire
Area: Tookland
Settlement: Tuckborough
Location: [33.6S, 71.1W]

Great Smials is the home of the Took family in Tuckborough in Tookland. [33.6S, 71.1W]

The Entrance of the Great Smials

This is hobbit hole with ancient history, revered by many hobbits. Thain Paladin Took II is the 31st Thain, and father of a certain Peregrin Took who is adventuring far to the east of this residence. The household hosts both youngsters and elders, as curious visitors will be aware.


Great Smials' Library
Adelard Took
Donnamira Took
Pervinca Took
Thain Paladin Took II



[10] The End of the Matter



The Great Smials, or the Great Place of the Tooks, were excavated in Tuckborough by Isengrim II, the tenth Thain of the Shire and grandfather of the famous Bandobras "Bullroarer" Took. A great family hole akin to the Brandybucks' Brandy Hall, the Great Smials are deep and many-tunnelled. They were not only designed to provide a home for many generations of Tooks, but also to defend against incursion in dark times.
When the Shire was invaded by Saruman's forces in III 3019 during the War of the Ring, the Took hobbits were able to defend themselves in the tunnels of the Great Smials at Tuckborough. Peregrin 'Pippin' Took became the 32nd Thain of the Shire upon the death of his father, Thain Paladin Took II, in year 13 of the Fourth Age. The Great Smials then became a repository for historical books and records, and would eventually contain the Thain's Book, the most complete record of the Hobbits' role in the War of the Ring.
Though the Shire has existed in peace and harmony for many long years, trouble stirs upon its borders, ever so slowly encroaching on the rustic lives of the hobbits who dwell there. Black Riders seeking a hobbit named Baggins have swept through the land, and ruffians in the employ of the mysterious brigand leader "Sharkey" begin to appear. Even some hobbits rally to Sharkey's cause in the name of bettering the Shire. The Great Smials may soon be forced to become a fortress; a bastion of war as the Shadow draws across Middle-earth.
While the Shire is only beginning to be touched by the turmoil beyond its borders, the Tooks of the Great Smials are among the staunchest and most adventurous of hobbits and stand against the threat of Sharkey's Men.


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