The Quick Post

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The Quick Post
Region: The Shire
Area: The Delving Fields
Settlement: Michel Delving
Location: [33.4S, 75.0W]

The Quick Post is the office of Quick Post mail service in Michel Delving. [33.4S, 75.0W]

The Exterior of the Quick Post

Postmaster Proudfoot stands alert just outside this interior. Inside one of his postmen is tending customers while not sorting mail and whatever hobbit post-staff use to do when not having a fourth breakfast, or fifth.

They have had some issues as of late and could use some assistance restoring the Quick Post to its former self.




Onyx Nethercot
Postmaster Proudfoot - outdoors


"Before long the invitations began pouring out, and the Hobbiton post-office was blocked, and the Bywater post-office was snowed under, and voluntary assistant postmen were called for. There was a constant stream of them going up the Hill, carrying hundreds of polite variations on Thank you, I shall certainly come." — The Hobbit