Beorning Skills

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Bear Form

When Beornings gather sufficient Wrath they can take the form of a great bear to unleash attacks on their foes.

Beornings are designed to be a dynamic skin-changer class. A Beorning can alternate back and forth between forms almost at will, dependent only upon their level of Wrath. Yes, they CAN change form during combat! A Beorning can always change from Bear back to Man Form at will, however changing into Bear Form is subject to a cooldown. A Beorning's basic skills emphasize the difference between Man and Bear Forms. There are skills available in three different ways -- those available in Man Form; those available in Bear Form; and those available in either form.


Beorning Wrath UI
As a Beorning, you have a new vital named Wrath that replaces Power. Wrath builds up in combat through use of your skills. Many of your Man form skills will build wrath, allowing you to skin-change into a Bear. In Bear Form you unlock access to more potent, Wrath consuming skills.
Any skills requiring Wrath will list the cost in their tooltip. Bear form requires Wrath to use and maintain. Certain skills in either form, Man Form or Bear Form, may also require Wrath.
The Beorning trait trees are designed to allow tailoring your play style to fit a tank, damage, or support role.
Call on the ancestral knowledge of your people with The Roar trait line, strike down your enemies with The Claw trait line, or unleash your wrath to defend your allies with The Hide trait line.

Default Skills

Bar swap description

Skills from Trait Trees

Racial Skills from Virtues (Deeds)

Beorning Race & Social Deeds

Skill/Virtue Award Level LP Deed Details
Bake a Honey-cake-icon.png Bake a Honey-cake 13 5 Enmity of the Goblins Defeat 50 Goblins in any area
Return to Grimbeorn's Lodge-icon.png Return to Grimbeorn's Lodge 19 10 Enmity of the Goblins II Defeat 100 Goblins in any area
Beorning Club and Axe-damage Bonus (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Beorning Club and Axe-damage Bonus 25 15 Enmity of the Goblins III Defeat 150 Goblins in any area
Emissary (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Emissary 13 5 Enmity of the Spiders Defeat 50 Spiders in any area
Might and Conviction Bonus (Beorning)-icon.png Might and Conviction Bonus 29 10 Enmity of the Spiders II Defeat 150 Spiders in any area
Bracing Roar (Beorning)-icon.png Bracing Roar 35 15 Enmity of the Spiders III Defeat 250 Spiders in any area
Feral Presence (Beorning)-icon.png Feral Presence 30 5 Enmity of the Orcs Defeat 100 Orcs in any area
Natural Diet (Beorning)-icon.png Natural Diet 35 10 Enmity of the Orcs II Defeat 150 Orcs in any area
Virtuous Beorning-icon.png Virtuous Beorning 30 NA Hatred of Bear and Man Complete the Quest: Hatred of Bear and Man
also awards Class Trait Point-icon.png 1 Class Trait Point

Mounted Combat Skills

Ability Level Range Description
Discipline: Red Dawn (Beorning) 75 - ???
Discipline: Riddermark (Beorning) 75 - ???
Discipline: Rohirrim (Beorning) 75 - ???
Bee Swarm (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Red Dawn)
Bee Swarm (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Riddermark)
Bee Swarm (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Rohirrim)
75 ??? ???
Execute (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Red Dawn)
Execute (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Riddermark)
Execute (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Rohirrim)
75 ??? ???
Ferocious Roar (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Red Dawn)
Ferocious Roar (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Riddermark)
Ferocious Roar (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Rohirrim)
75 ??? ???
Recuperate (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Red Dawn)
Recuperate (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Riddermark)
Recuperate (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Rohirrim)
75 ??? ???
Slash (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Red Dawn)
Slash (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Riddermark)
Slash (Beorning Mounted Skill) (Rohirrim)
75 ??? ???

Passive Skills

Armour Proficiencies

Proficiency Level
Light Armour-icon.png Light Armour 1
Medium Armour-icon.png Medium Armour 1

Weapon Proficiencies

Proficiency Level
Bows-icon.png Bows 1
Daggers-icon.png Daggers 1
Dual Wielding-icon.png Dual Wielding 1
One-handed Axes-icon.png One-handed Axes 1
One-handed Clubs-icon.png One-handed Clubs 1
Spear-icon.png Spear 1
Two-handed Axes-icon.png Two-handed Axes 1
Two-handed Clubs-icon.png Two-handed Clubs 1

Instrument Proficiencies

Proficiency Level
Horn Use-icon.png Horn Use 1
Lute Use-icon.png Lute Use 1
Specialized Equipment-icon.png Specialized Equipment 1
Fiddle Use-icon.png Fiddle Use 5