Beorning (Race)

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Beornings descend from ancient Men, and can "skin-change" into bears when angered. They are gruff, distrustful, impolite, respect all creatures of nature, and hate Orcs more than anything.
The Beornings have a famous affinity with animals, which they foster and keep in their homes more as friends than as pets or livestock. Beorn, the former chief of the Beornings, was known to speak with animals and understand their own speech - many of his descendants have fostered this talent.
This uncommon ability is supplanted by a greater gift; Beorn could change into the shape of a bear. This skill has been passed down through the generations, such that most if not all of the Beornings can muster the change. Most do so only in great need or at festivals that come with the changing of the seasons and phases of the moon. No stranger has ever witnessed the transformation. Beorning women also have this ability, and they share the robust physicality of the Beornings.
The Beornings do not eat animals, but live in the main on cream, honey from their Bee pastures and crops that they cultivate themselves in their rich gardens.
Beorning were added with Update 15 - Gondor Aflame - November 5, 2014.
Playable Classes: Beorning
Starting Area: Meadhollow

Beorning Names

Beornings take names influenced by Old Norse.
Grimbeorn, Folhúth, and Gultoth are examples of Beorning names.
  • Common masculine name endings for beornings are -beorn, -bert, -brand, -gils, -mark, -fast, -geir, -har, -karl, -mar, -moth, -mund, -rath, -rek, -styr, - thorn, -bald, -var, -vat, -vir, and -vith.
  • Common prefixes are Ag-, Arn-, Bald-, Borg-, Both-, Dag-, Dreng-, Eld-, Forn-, Froth-, Gal-, Glum-, Gluth-, Heim-, Hroth-, Is-, Jarn-, Lyth-, Moth-, Nef-, Oth-, Rath-, Rand-, Skal-, Stig-, Throt-, Vald-, and Vig-.
Langhár, Ethid and Berafrith are examples of Beorning names.
  • Common feminine name endings for Beornings are -a, -dis, -eith, -fast, -firth, -garth, -gifu, -gun, -hild, -la, -laug, -lin, -loth, otta, -ny, -run, -thrith, -bi, and -vor.
  • Common prefixes are Arin-, Bog-, Bera-, Birn-, Dis-, Dom-, Dyr-, Eir-, Esil-, Eth-, Ey-, Fast-, Feor-, Gerth-, Gis-, Gud-, Hall-, Har-, Hrim-, Huld-, Hun-, Ingi-, Jor-, Kat-, Is-, Lif-, Leot-, Mar-, Od-, Ol-, Ran-, Sal-, Sig-, Sol-, Svan,- Una-, and Vil-.

Beorning Origins

All Beornings are descended from Beorn and live in the Vales of Anduin.

Racial Skills

 Might of the Wild: [+1,200 at Level 150] Might.
 Few in Number: [-400 at Level 150] Fate.
 Natural Resistance: +1% Poison Resistance.
 Thick Hide: [+1,530 at Level 150] Vitality.

Beorning Traits and Deeds

For details see Beorning (Race) Traits

Trait Description Level Deed
Bake a Honey-cake Grants the skill Bake a Honey-cake 13 Enmity of the Goblins (50)
Return to Grimbeorn's Lodge Grants the skill Return to Grimbeorn's Lodge 18 Enmity of the Goblins II (100)
Beorning Club and Axe-damage Bonus +5% to 1H & 2H Club and Axe damage 25 Enmity of the Goblins III (150)
Emissary [+1,000 at Level 150] Fate 15 Enmity of the Spiders (50)
Might and Conviction Bonus +5% to Fellowship Manoeuvre damage and healing 29 Enmity of the Spiders II (150)
Bracing Roar Grants the skill Bracing Roar 35 Enmity of the Spiders III (250)
Feral Presence Grants the skill Feral Presence 30 Enmity of the Orcs (100)
Natural Diet +1% Disease Resistance 35 Enmity of the Orcs II (150)
Virtuous Beorning +1 Fortitude, Empathy, and Honour 30 Complete Hatred of Bear and Man

These are obtained via completion of Beorning Racial Deeds.

Beornings of Lore