Hunter Deeds

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These are deeds available solely to characters of the Hunter class. For an overview table see Category:Hunter Deeds.

Meta Deeds

Each Meta Deed Tier (8) grants Class Trait Point-icon.png 1 Class Trait Point.

  • Individual components (Individual Deeds) of Meta Deeds, except the class quests, grant 5 LOTRO Point 
  • Individual Deeds are not visible in the Deed Log until the appropriate skills trigger the Deed
  • Individual Meta Deed Tiers are not visible in the Deed Log until at least one of the 3 individual deeds are completed
  • All Individual and Meta Deeds are logged in the Deed Log under "Class/Race/Epic" on the "Class" tab and are called "Class Deeds - tier N"
  • Completion of Class Quests (levels 15 and 30) does not grant LOTRO Points or show up in the Deed Log, but can trigger the appropriate Meta Deed Tier to show up in the log

Class Deeds (Hunter) - Tier 1

Name Level Task Max/Day
Quick as the Wind 1? Strike enemies with Quick Shot-icon.png Quick Shot 750 times. 250
Sturdy Traps 2? Use your Set Trap-icon.png Set Trap or Triple Trap skills 350 times. 120
Blindsided 1? Strike enemies with Blindside-icon.png Blindside 500 times. 165

Class Deeds (Hunter) - Tier 2

Name Level Task Max/Day
Strong Draw 10 Use Penetrating Shot-icon.png Penetrating Shot 600 times. 120
Combat Traps 10 Use your Tripwire-icon.png Tripwire skill 100 times. 20
Heightened Senses 10 Use Tracking skills (Passage of Nature-icon.png Passage of Nature or Passage of Foes-icon.png Passage of Foes) 500 times. 100

Class Deeds (Hunter) - Tier 3

Name Level Task Max/Day
Focused and Ready 10 Use the skill Hunter Focus-icon.png Focus 500 times. 100
Swift and Sharp 2? Strike enemies with Swift Bow-icon.png Swift Bow, Barbed Arrow-icon.png Barbed Arrow, or Lingering Wound-icon.png Lingering Wound 1000 times. 350
The Hunter's Path 15 Complete the quest The Hunter's Path N/A

Class Deeds (Hunter) - Tier 4

Name Level Task Max/Day
True Shot 20 Critically hit enemies with Penetrating Shot-icon.png Penetrating Shot 1000 times. 150?
Deadly Precision 20 Land critical hits with your bow skills 500 times. 50
Cut Them Down 20 Use Low Cut-icon.png Low Cut 150 times. 25

Class Deeds (Hunter) - Tier 5

Name Level Task Max/Day
Poison? What Poison? 20 Use Purge Poison-icon.png Purge Poison 600 times. 90
Stealthy Shot 38 Use Beneath Notice-icon.png Beneath Notice 50 times. 15
A Hunter's Charge 30 Complete the quest A Hunter's Charge N/A

Class Deeds (Hunter) - Tier 6

Name Level Task Max/Day
The Quality of Mercy 40 Hit with Merciful Shot [critical] 150 times. 15
Skill Shot 30 Hit with Pinning Shot-icon.png Pinning Shot, Explosive Arrow (Trait)-icon.png Explosive Arrow, or Split Shot-icon.png Split Shot 300 times. 35
Total Attention 30 Use Intent Concentration-icon.png Intent Concentration 125 times. 13

Class Deeds (Hunter) - Tier 7

Name Level Task Max/Day
Tools of the Trade 40 Hit with Bard's Arrow-icon.png Bard's Arrow, Rain of Arrows-icon.png Rain of Arrows, or Blood Arrow-icon.png Blood Arrow 300 times. 30
Dazed and Confused 48 Hit with Dazing Blow-icon.png Dazing Blow 200 times. 20
Sneaky Sneaky 40 Use Camouflage-icon.png Camouflage 750 times. 175

Class Deeds (Hunter) - Tier 8

Name Level Task Max/Day
Rapid Fire 50 Hit with Upshot-icon.png Upshot, or use The One Trap-icon.png The One Trap, or Rapid Fire-icon.png Rapid Fire 1000 times. 100
Shot Through the Heart 50 Hit with Heart Seeker-icon.png Heart Seeker 100 times. 10
Scorching Rain 50 Use Burn Hot-icon.png Burn Hot, or hit with Rain of Thorns-icon.png Rain of Thorns or Barrage-icon.png Barrage 50 times. 10

Legendary Deeds

Each Legendary Deed (7) grants Class Trait Point-icon.png 1 Class Trait Point.

  • Finding all pages of a book grants 10 LOTRO Point ; completing a Moria deed grants 20 LOTRO Point 
  • The "Mines of Moria" point is logged in the Deed Log under "Class/Race/Epic" on the "Epic" tab
  • The Level 50 Class Quest point is logged in the Quest Log under completed quests under Hunter
Name Level Task
A Shot in the Dark 39 Buy A Shot in the Dark from a Hunter Trainer and find the missing pages (8)
The Furthest Charge 39 Buy The Furthest Charge from a Hunter Trainer and find the missing pages (8)
The Way of the Hunter 39 Buy The Way of the Hunter from a Hunter Trainer and find the missing pages (8)
The Swiftest Arrow 50 Complete the following quests:
The Swiftest Arrow
  1. [50] The Swiftest Arrow is Learning
  2. [50] A Lesson from Legolas
The Mines of Moria 55 Complete Books I through VI of Volume 2
The Path of the Foe-trapper 58 Complete the following quests:

The Path of the Trapper

  1. [58] The Path of the Trapper
  2. [58] Blindside
  3. [58] Passage of Foes
  4. [58] Strength of the Earth
  5. [58] Set the Trap (Optional) - Fellowship
The Jolly Hunter 58 Buy and read The Jolly Hunter

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