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This category lists crafting areas or buildings where you would find a decent set of crafting facilities together with suppliers and often, but not required, some crafting trainers. Locations without a particular page designed to their crafting area may also be found here, such as Bywater in the Shire.

Crafting Halls
Location Settlement Region Coordinates Notes
Aughaire's Market Aughaire Angmar [0.7N, 39.9W] open-air "hall"; no Study
The House of Craft (After-battle) Minas Tirith (After-battle) Anórien (After Battle) [64.8S, 18.1W] all Crafting Guilds access
The House of Craft (Midsummer) Minas Tirith (Midsummer) Anórien (After Battle) [23.2N, 54.9W] all Crafting Guilds access
Buckland's Craft-faire Buckland Bree-land [33.8S, 62.2W] open-air "hall"; no Study
Combe Crafting Hall Combe Bree-land [28.8S, 48.6W]
South Gate Bree Bree-land [32.0S, 50.4W] open-air "hall"
West Gate Bree Bree-land [29.6S, 52.9W] open-air "hall"
Three-farrow Crafting Hall Bree Bree-land [30.5S, 51.0W]
Hall of Crafts Herne Cardolan [49.6S, 45.1W]
Ethring's Market Ethring Central Gondor [72.0S, 50.2W] open air "hall"
Linhir's Market Linhir Central Gondor [80.7S, 44.9W] open air "hall"
Pelargir's Market Pelargir Central Gondor [83.6S, 34.6W] open air "hall"
Craft-hall (Galtrev) Galtrev Dunland [79.9S, 17.0W] all Crafting Guilds access
Craft Hall of Snowbourn Snowbourn East Rohan [60.9S, 62.2W] all Crafting Guilds access
Harwick Crafting Hall Harwick East Rohan [39.4S, 53.0W]
Arnach Forecourt Arnach Eastern Gondor [77.2S, 24.4W] no Study
Keep of Annak-khurfu Annak-khurfu Elderslade [32.8N, 61.2W]
The Hall of Making Lhanuch Enedwaith [66.5S, 17.2W]
Celondim's Crafting Terrace Celondim Ered Luin [28.2S, 92.7W] open-air "hall"
Crafting Hall (Thorin's Gate) Frerin's Court Ered Luin [15.1S, 103.5W]
The Maker's Hall Thorin's Hall Ered Luin [13.8S, 103.2W] Metalworker's and Weaponsmith's guild access
The Keep of Tharrazhâr Skarháld Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath [36.4N, 46.6W]
Ost Forod's Market Ost Forod Evendim [7.5S, 64.1W] open-air "hall"
Tinnudir's Keep Tinnudir Evendim [12.2S, 68.0W] open-air "hall"
Dale Crafting Hall Dale Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands [24.9N, 25.7W] all Crafting Guilds access
Lake-town Trading Hall Lake-town Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands [17.1N, 27.2W]
Tumnu-dûm Erebor Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands [14.0N, 135.7W]
Great Lodge of Sûri-kylä Sûri-kylä Forochel [19.5N, 72.0W] no Study
Stangard's Market Stangard The Great River [26.5S, 63.5W] open-air "hall"
Hall of Vérnozal Zidir-nesad, the Steepset Gundabad [45.3S, 115.0W]
Estolad Lân's Camp Estolad Lân Imlad Morgul [64.5S, 2.2W] all Crafting Guilds access
Craft Hall of Járnfast Járnfast Iron Hills [28.4N, 3.6W]
Arnach's Market Arnach King's Gondor [76.3S, 24.4W] open air "hall"
The Harlond's Market The Harlond King's Gondor [72.3S, 19.5W] open air "hall"
East Pelargir's Market Pelargir King's Gondor [83.1S, 32.1W] open air "hall"
Ost Guruth's Market Ost Guruth Lone-lands [31.3S, 29.6W] open-air "hall"
Telain Galadhrim Caras Galadhon Lothlórien [15.7S, 67.8W] no Study
Vintner's Market The Vineyards of Lórien Lothlórien [18.5S, 64.0W] open-air "hall"
Crafting Hall of Ost Galadh Ost Galadh Mirkwood [14.5S, 51.1W]
Crafting Bunker The Twenty-first Hall Moria [5.4S, 105.0W]
Craft-hall of Esteldín Esteldín North Downs [9.7S, 40.5W] Jeweller's, Tailor's, and Woodworker's guild access
Trestlebridge Market Trestlebridge North Downs [17.9S, 53.7W] open-air "hall"
The House of Craft Minas Tirith Old Anórien [64.8S, 18.1W] all Crafting Guilds access
Bywater's Craft-faire Bywater The Shire [31.9S, 69.7W] open-air "hall"; no Study
Michel Delving's Craft-fair Michel Delving The Shire [34.6S, 75.5W] Cook's Guild access; open-air
Lhan Garan's Market Lhan Garan Swanfleet [54.5S, 27.4W] open-air "hall"
The Forges of Rivendell Rivendell Trollshaws [28.5S, 6.2W] Forge and Workbench only; open air
Craft Hall of Aldburg Aldburg West Rohan [69.3S, 64.9W] all Crafting Guilds access
Artisans' Quarter Dol Amroth Western Gondor [74.4S, 71.2W] all Crafting Guilds access
Calembel's Market Calembel Western Gondor [67.2S, 55.7W] open air "hall"
Craft Hall of Forlaw Forlaw Wildermore [38.8S, 60.6W]