Combe Crafting Hall

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Combe Crafting Hall
Region: Bree-land
Settlement: Combe
Location: [28.8S, 48.6W]
Combe Crafting Hall.jpg

Combe Crafting Hall is an indoor craft-faire in Combe in Bree-land. [28.8S, 48.6W]

The crafting hall is located a short distance east and uphill from the centre of Combe, along the way to Chetwood. This crafting facility provides trainers for all sorts of crafting professions. Its Mistress of Apprentices, who is Jill Brushwood, is happy to help any fledgling crafter to acquire a vocation and to give direction to proper trainers. Crafters that wish to find a crafting guild should meet Rob Burrows, the Master of Crafting Guilds.

Farmers will find plenty of ploughed and harrowed farmlands east of Staddle, the next village southwards. There is also a Novice Farmhand named Ponto Underhill, and a workbench.



Combe Crafting Hall


NPC Function Location
HumanM.png Todd Brushwood Supplier Vestibule
HumanF.png Emma Shadetree Provisioner Kitchen


NPC Function Location
HumanF.png Jill Brushwood Mistress of Apprentices Vestibule
HobbitM.png Rob Burrows Master of Crafting Guilds Vestibule
HobbitF.png Esilia Diggerly Novice Cook Kitchen
HumanM.png Ted Ragwort Novice Jeweller Workshop
HumanM.png Bill Digweed Novice Metalsmith Forge
HumanF.png Anna Bullrush Novice Scholar Library
HumanF.png Sara Crabgrass Novice Tailor Workshop
HumanM.png Bob Birchcutter Novice Weaponcrafter Forge
HobbitM.png Toby Sandheaver Novice Woodworker Workshop


Introduction Quests Superior Facility Access
Guild Introduction


Scholar's library Cook's kitchen Workshop in the Crafting Hall The Crafting Hall's forge

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