Crafting Halls

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The Crafting Hall is a place to craft items. Cont...

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Crafting Halls
Settlement Region
Bree Bree-land
Galtrev Dunland
Partial Crafting Halls
Settlement Region
Celondim Ered Luin
Thorin's Hall Ered Luin
Michel Delving The Shire
Esteldín The North Downs
Rivendell The Trollshaws
The Twenty-first Hall Moria


Instructions for using the Auction House

Types of Crafting Facilities

Crafting Facility-icon.png A Crafting Facility consists of objects which people of Middle-earth can utilize for crafting. Each profession uses a unique facility for their trade, for example, a Metalsmith uses a Forge and a Woodworker uses a Workbench. Facilities may be found in Craft Halls of major cities such as Bree and Galtrev, or inside Housing Areas if players have purchased and allowed public use of their Crafting Stations.

Each crafting facility comes in two varieties: "Normal" and "Superior." While Recipes up to Expert Tier (Tier 3) require normal crafting facilities (of course, superior ones can be used), Recipes from Artisan Tier upwards require superior crafting facilities. But with Riders of Rohan, all crafting facilities were promoted to superior crafting facilities.

When approaching a facility, an icon under your portrait shows the type of the facility. Superior quality is shown only to professions that can make use of the superior facility. In that case the facility shows both icons. An Oven shows also the Campfire Icon to a cook.

See: Category: Crafting Facilities for details on many Crafting Locations throughout Middle-earth.


Farmland is used by a Farmer to produce grain, pipe-weed, crops, and vegetables. The different farmlands are:



A Forge and Superior Forge are used by several professions including Metalsmith, Weaponsmith, and Jeweller. Superior forges are necessary for Artisan and Master level tiers.

Campfires and Ovens


A Campfire is used by a Cook to prepare trail foods and other items. They should NOT be confused with a Camp Site-icon.png "Camp Site Fire" used by Hunters for Wayfaring (Return to Camp).

An Oven and Superior Oven are used by a Cook to prepare cooked food and other items. Beginning with Update 10, Ovens can also be used by a Cook to prepare trail foods. Superior ovens are necessary for Artisan level tier and above.



A Study is not required by Scholars for their crafting. Scholars require only a Superior Study.

A Superior Study is used by a Scholar to study Artisan and Master tier documents.



A Workbench and Superior Workbench are used by several professions including Tailor, Woodworker, and Farmer. Superior ovens are necessary for Artisan and Master level tiers.