Crafting Hall (Thorin's Gate)

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Crafting Hall
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Thorin's Gate
Location: [15.1S, 103.5W]

The Crafting Hall can be found west of Frerin's Court close to the stables of Thorin's Gate in Ered Luin. [15.1S, 103.5W]

This is a warm and very well equipped craft-fair. Visitors seeking a crafting vocation should speak to Loftur, the Master of Apprentices. Crafters may learn and advance their skills at the forge, workbench, study, and the oven.

Altogether this is a great location for crafters and residents of Thorin's Hall Homesteads. Farmers will find nearby farmlands inside the Greenhouse, east of the gates into Thorin's Hall.


The Exterior of the Crafting Hall



NPC Function
Binír Supplier
Frithbert Provisioner
Loftur Master of Apprentices
Kolfinn Master of Crafting Guilds
Islífur Novice Cook
Nisti Novice Jeweller
Gestur Novice Metalsmith
Makan Novice Scholar
Jes Novice Tailor
Hannis Novice Weaponcrafter
Almar Novice Woodworker



Introduction Quests Guild Introduction
Joining a guild requires Expert level
[1] Introduction to Cooking [1] Introduction: Cook's Guild
[1] Introduction to Farming
[1] Introduction to Forestry
[1] Introduction to Jewelcrafting [1] Introduction: Jeweller's Guild
[1] Introduction to Metalsmithy [1] Introduction: Metalsmith's Guild
[1] Introduction to Prospecting
[1] Introduction to Scholarship [1] Introduction: Scholar's Guild
[1] Introduction to Tailoring [1] Introduction: Tailor's Guild
[1] Introduction to Weaponsmithy [1] Introduction: Weaponsmith's Guild
[1] Introduction to Woodworking [1] Introduction: Woodworker's Guild
Following Quests
[1] Practice Makes Perfect