Crafting Tools

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Having the right crafting tools equipped is one of the requirements for executing a crafting recipe. Each profession has their own tools, however, there are sets of tools that work with multiple professions.

Players receive inferior tools upon learning a profession, but these can be immediately replaced with more durable tools from novice or expert crafting NPCs as well as suppliers. Improved crafting tools and toolsets are crafted by Metalsmiths. Toolsets function based on the defunct vocations.

With the introduction of crafting events such as the Combe Forester Event, modifiable tools can be bartered and upgraded with resources earned during the events. The player first chooses an appearance then upgrades the tools to provide bonuses such as increased recipe critical chance, decreased gathering duration, and increased chance to find rare materials when gathering.

Universal toolkits work for all professions and provide a bonus for each. These are typically purchased from the LOTRO Store or obtained rarely from other sources such as Hobbit Presents or Steel-bound Lootboxes.

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