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Farmer, Forester, Prospector
Cook, Jeweller, Metalsmith,
Scholar, Tailor,
Weaponsmith, Woodworker
Crafting Guide,
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"As any archer will tell you, it takes more than a stick and a string to make a worthy weapon. The woodworker is an expert bowyer, but expands his trade to include staves, spears, and other hafted weapons. A master Woodworker can produce weapons that even an elven hero would be proud to wield on the battlefield."

Woodworking is the art of carving and whittling weapons from wood. A Woodworker can produce stout clubs, hammers, staves, and spears for melee use, as well as ranged weapons such as bows, crossbows, and javelins and Instruments for the Minstrel, such as clarinets, drums, harps, flutes, lutes, and theorbos. When he has honed his skills enough, the Woodworker can even produce Legendary Items that any hero would be proud to wield.

In his spare time, a woodworker may also whittle horns for use by the Champion, banner crests to inspire the Captain's herald, and intricate shield carvings to empower the Warden, or he can carve Warden battle-hymns and inscribe Rune-keeper parchments. The woodworker can also craft furniture for the home and fishing poles.

A guide to attaining Woodworker Mastery

Required Tools


A list of all component items that are used to craft Woodworker recipes: Woodworker Components

A Woodworker primarily crafts with treated wood produced by a Forester and Crafting Rare Components.

Critical Success

To critically succeed while crafting item, a Woodworker must have achieved proficiency in the crafting tier for that item. After gaining proficiency, the base chance to achieve critical success is 5%.

  • Using player-crafted Woodworking Tools increases that base chance.
    • Click through to the tools index to view the percentage for any given tool.
  • Scrolls of crafting lore (produced by a Scholar) give a 1-minute buff, further increasing the chance of a critical success.
    • These scrolls provide tiered increases to the crit chance, but they are tiered by player level, not crafting level. Thus, a level 7 Supreme Master Woodworker can only use the Minor Woodworking Lore that gives a 1% crit chance increase, but a level 65 Master Apprentice Woodworker can use a Scroll of Supreme Woodworking Lore that gives a 12.5% increase.
  • Certain recipes have an optional ingredient, resin; the type of resin used is based on the crafting level of any given recipe, but using resins gives a flat (not tiered) increase of 45% to the crit chance.

Woodworker Mastery Components

A complete list of Woodworker Mastery Components.

Mastery Component Tier Level Recipes
 Drop of Sticky Resin Apprentice Most Tier 1 Recipes
 Drop of Ashy Resin Journeyman Most Tier 2 Recipes
 Drop of Amber Resin Expert Most Tier 3 Recipes
 Drop of Black Resin Artisan Most Tier 4 Recipes
 Drop of Soft Resin Master Most Tier 5 Recipes
 Drop of Hard Resin Supreme Most Tier 6 Recipes
 Drop of Birch-tar Westfold Most Tier 7 Recipes
 Piece of Oak Bark Eastemnet Most Tier 8 Recipes
 Piece of Walnut Bark Westemnet Most Tier 9 Recipes
 Piece of Poplar Bark Anórien Most Tier 10 Recipes
 Piece of Doomfold Bark Doomfold Most Tier 11 Recipes
 Piece of Thornholt Bark Ironfold Most Tier 12 Recipes
 Piece of Mordor Snag Bark Minas Ithil Most Tier 13 Recipes
 Piece of Gundabad Bark Gundabad Most Tier 14 Recipes
 Piece of Umbari Bark Umbar Most Tier 15 Recipes


A complete list of Woodworker recipe indexes by tier:
Woodworker Recipe Index
T1 - Apprentice Woodworker Recipe Index
T2 - Journeyman Woodworker Recipe Index
T3 - Expert Woodworker Recipe Index
T4 - Artisan Woodworker Recipe Index
T5 - Master Woodworker Recipe Index
T6 - Supreme Woodworker Recipe Index
T7 - Westfold Woodworker Recipe Index
T8 - Eastemnet Woodworker Recipe Index
T9 - Westemnet Woodworker Recipe Index
T10 - Anórien Woodworker Recipe Index
T11 - Doomfold Woodworker Recipe Index
T12 - Ironfold Woodworker Recipe Index
T13 - Minas Ithil Woodworker Recipe Index
T14 - Gundabad Woodworker Recipe Index
T15 - Umbar Woodworker Recipe Index

A complete list of Woodworker recipes listed alphabetically:
An index of items that can be crafted using Woodworker recipes

Crafting Guild

Crafting Guilds are Reputation factions that grant advantages in recipe execution. Reputation is increased by bartering special crafted items. Membership in a Crafting Guild used to be exclusive - you can be a member of 2 crafting guilds at a time (as of Update 25).[1]

Woodworkers of all levels are eligible to join the Woodworker's Guild, but the guild recipes require Expert tier and above. To join a crafting guild one must first speak to a Master of Crafting Guilds, and they are always found in the vicinity of a guild hall and at many other locations. NOTE: since Update 27, players may find the guild NPCs located in the House of Craft in Minas Tirith (Midsummer) [23.2N, 54.9W] to be preferable to Esteldín. Minas Tirith (Midsummer) is available to characters of all levels. At Minas Tirith (Midsummer), the carving (Reputation Item) recipes are purchased from the Guild-leader; there is no separate NPC for guild-reputation-item recipes, as there is in other locations. The only downside of Minas Tirith (Midsummer) is that the "Introduction" quests for each guilded profession cannot be turned into the Guild-leader, since those quests require a specific named NPC, who does not reside there.

Crafting Quests

Class Quests

Using Your Skills

Woodworker NPCs

Novice Woodworkers

NPC Location Region
Gib Heathstraw Three-farrow Crafting Hall Bree-land
Madulas Brandybuck Buckland Bree-land
Toby Sandheaver Combe Crafting Hall Bree-land
Almar Thorin's Gate, Crafting Hall Ered Luin
Lendaellin Celondim Ered Luin
Nagli Thorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall Ered Luin
Tyrvi Gondamon Ered Luin
Gundabald Gardner Oatbarton Evendim
Lewis Marshbanks Tinnudir (Keep) Evendim
Turbert Pither Ost Forod Evendim
Novice Woodworker Trestlebridge North Downs
Belba Bracegirdle Michel Delving's Craft-fair The Shire
Madulas Brandybuck Budgeford The Shire
Olo Brockhouse Brockenborings The Shire
Porto Chubb Bywater The Shire
Mallasil The Forges of Rivendell Trollshaws

Expert Woodworkers

Named Expert Woodworkers. There are numerous unnamed ones.

NPC Location Region
Cuthdag Ost Guruth Lone-lands
Grái Twenty-first Hall Moria
Primula Diggins Overhill The Shire
Óleif Blue Stone Garrison - (Acq. w. Thorin's Hall) Ered Luin
Rosnir Ost Galadh Mirkwood
Tadhrien Craft-hall of Esteldín North Downs
Tawariel The Vineyards of Lórien Lothlórien
Tawaril Caras Galadhon Lothlórien