Great Lodge of Sûri-kylä

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Great Lodge of Sûri-kylä
Region: Forochel
Area: Jä-rannit
Settlement: Sûri-kylä
Location: [19.5N, 72.0W]

Great Lodge of Sûri-kylä is the centre of activities in Sûri-kylä, as well as all of Forochel. [19.5N, 72.0W]

The Great Lodge Exterior

Most impressive of the Lossoth structures, the Great Lodge is located in the north-west corner of the village. It is the residence of the Council as well as the headquarters for the Lossoth of Forochel. Within the hall's warm walls the reputation reward vendors are well equipped and sell their wares to adventurers who have achieved reputable standing with the Lossoth. Here are also many quest-givers and members of various tribes who are discussing the recent dark tidings with one another.

The Great Lodge is the only crafting centre in Forochel, providing a place where craftsmen gather to make warm clothes and soothing food. Found inside are a Workbench, a Forge, two standard Ovens, and some expert crafting vendors.




Council Elder Yrjänä's throne
The Vault-keeper of Sûri-kylä
The crafting area
A view from the throne
NPC Function
Services & Supplies          
Jâna Provisioner
Jyri Supplier
Nea Vault-keeper
Panu Healer
Bengit Master of Crafting Guilds
Häsikkä Master of Apprentices
Ansa Expert Tailor
Elin Novice Cook
Ylermi Expert Metalsmith
Reputation Vendors          
Mîmu Lossoth Furnisher
Rûsu Lossoth Reward Vendor
Untamo Lossoth Light Armoursmith
Sanelma Lossoth Medium Armoursmith
Arvo Lossoth Heavy Armoursmith
Yrjänä Council Elder - Quest
Launo Hirvi-heimo - Quest
Menikko Koira-heimo - Quest
Rauno Quest
Rikitsa Hylje-heimo - Quest
Vämmä Quest
Ilta Mammutti-heimo
Pentti Leijona-heimo
Guard Free Peoples