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List of location instances (private instances) only accessible once you have the Quest. If you ever wondered what that cave or door led to but were denied access, this category will tell you. Just about every instance or interior that uses the special gate mechanic in LOTRO has a quest associated with it but some are only accessible after the quest is accepted.

  • Usually denied access without the required quest
  • All the quests have the word Instances in them.

Quest Instances (Locations)

Name Area Region level Access Quest Note
The Haunted Burrow Hobbiton Shire all Instance: A Riddle in a Bottle
Silver Deep Thorin's Gate Ered Luin 1 Intro (Dwarf). Instance: Into the Silver Deep First Dwarf intro quest
Skorgrím's Tomb Thorin's Gate Ered Luin 5 Intro (Dwarf/Elf), Instance: Skorgrím's Tomb Only in intro period
Pinglade Rushock Bog Shire 8 Instance: A Gift for the North Small Fellowship
Golfimbul's Hole Greenfields Shire 11 Prologue (Hobbit), Instance: Beneath the Greenfields
Crookdell Rath Teraig Ered Luin 12 Prologue (Dwarf/Elf), Instance: Assault on Rath Teraig
Reniolind's Hideout the Midgewater Marshes Bree-land 14 Prologue (Beorning/Man), Instance: To a Ranger's Aid
Brigand Cave (Chetwood) Chetwood Bree-land 15 Vol. I, Book 1, Instance: Blackwolds Broken
Blackwold Camp Ost Baranor Bree-land 15 Vol. I, Book 1, Instance: Unravelling the Thread
Holt Adderson's Grotto Bree Bree-land 15 Instance: A Song for the Company
Brigand Cave (Cirith Nûr Encampment) Northern Bree-fields Bree-land 19 Instance: Broken Alliance
The Great Barrow Southern Barrow-downs Bree-land 21 Vol. I, Book 1 Instance: Othrongroth
The Trestlespan Trestlebridge The North Downs 30 Instance: The Defence of Trestlebridge
Instance: A Guardian's Duty
Ost Galumar Kingsfell The North Downs 30 Instance: A Captain's Standard
Forsaken Smial Bullroarer's Sward Evendim 32 Instance: A Formal Complaint
Barad Tharsír Storeroom Barandalf Evendim 33 Instance:Treasures of Barad Tharsír
The Ancient Lighthouse Barandalf Evendim 33 Lighthouse on the Baranduin
Rantost Tyrn Fornech Evendim 36 Instance: Thief-taker's Bane
The Twisted Grove Southern Emyn Uial Evendim 37 Instance: The Twisted Heart
Garbert's Cottage Tâl Bruinen The Trollshaws 38 Instance: A Trap for the Creature
Ost Brandras Nan Tornaeth The Trollshaws 39 Instance: Laying to Rest the Evil Dead
Vault of Celebrían's Legacy High Moor The Trollshaws 39 The Riddle-master
Gladdalf North Trollshaws The Trollshaws 40 Volume I, Book 4, Instance: The Unmarked Trail
Haudh Elendil Men Erain Evendim 40 Instance: The Tomb of Elendil
Gabilazan Giant Halls The Misty Mountains 43 Instance: The Last Refuge
Helegrod Treasury Northern Bruinen Source The Misty Mountains 43 Vol. I, Book 5, Instance: Fire and Ice
Ologfil Western Malenhad Angmar 44 Instance: Ancient Lair
Skorgrím's Tomb Thorin's Gate Ered Luin 48 Instance: Thrór's Hammer
Delossad Tâl Bruinen The Trollshaws 50 Instance: Prisoner of the Free Peoples
Barad Tironn Parth Aduial Evendim 50 Instance: Barad Tironn
Instance: The Eye of Angmar
Barad Rath Tyrn Fornech Evendim 50 Instance: Remembrance
Sammath Baul Carn Dûm Angmar 50 Instance: Laerdan's Escape
Gador Gúlaran Gath Forthnír Angmar 50 Vol. 1, Book 15 -- Instance: One Hope Remains Fellowship or Solo
Barad Dúrgul Carn Dum Angmar 50 Vol. 1, Book 12 -- Instance: Weapons of the Enemy Fellowship or Solo
Dolendath Imlad Balchorth Angmar 50 Instance: The Heraldry of Lindon
Barad Tironn Annúminas Evendim 50 Instance: Barad Tironn Fellowship or Solo
Tinnudir Keep Parth Aduial Evendim 50 Instance: Mordrambor
Bregmor's Den Länsi-mâ Forochel 50 Vol. I, Book 14, Instance: Skin of Bregmor
Halla-kolo Talvi-mûri Forochel 50 Vol. I, Book 13, Instance: The Path of Aearil
Glâd Ereg Glâd Ereg Eregion 50 Instance: Daughter of Strife
The Cooling Chamber the Great Delving Moria 51 Instance: The Cooling Chamber
Tunzul-menem the Silvertine Lodes Moria 53 Instance: They Mined Too Fast
The Drowned Treasury Durin's Way Moria 59 Vol. 2, Book 4 Instance: The Drowned Treasury
Azanarukâr Foundations of Stone Moria 60 Instance: The Fall of Moria Solo Session
Zurr-thurkh Durin's Way Moria 60 Vol. 2, Book 7 Chapter 8 -- Instance: The Secret Road
The Battle of Lórien Fanuidhol Lothlórien 60 Instance: The Battle of Lórien
Kolo-hampât Sûri-kylä Forochel 65 Vol. 3, Book 1, Instance: Lothrandir of the Frozen Wastes
Lhaid Ogo Lich Bluffs Enedwaith 65 Vol. 3, Book 3 Instance: Lhaid Ogo Fellowship
The Flooded Ward Annúminas Evendim 65 Volume III, Book 1, Instance: Farewell to Evendim
Tham Úmdúr Nan Amlug East The North Downs 65 Volume III, Book 1, Chapter 5: Loose Ends in the North Downs
Venom-bite Cave Wailing Hills The Great River 75 Finding Meneldor