The Defence of Galtrev

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The Defence of Galtrev
Region: Dunland
Area: Galtrev
Location: [80.0S, 15.5W]


The Defence of Galtrev is a repeatable dungeon instance set in Galtrev, in Dunland. Access is granted by Bron in Galtrev [80.1S, 16.8W] on accepting the quest with the same name.


The instance is at level 75 and can only be run once daily.






The servants of Isengard want revenge for the uprising of the people of Galtrev..


The hall behind the character at the start is the Gathering Hall where people are sheltering. The objecting of the instance is to prevent this being burned down.

The White Hand Torch-bearers will set fire to the hall, and attacking will not slow them down. They must be defeated before they reach it. You may allow one to get through, but if a second arrives you will fail the instance.

There will be four spawns before the Soldiers and Master enter the fight: Enforcer/Warrior first, Warrior/Grunt second, Warrior/Grunt third, and Enforcer/Warrior fourth. These spawns will all be accompanied by a Torch-bearer. When there are no more Torch-bearers, the two White Hand Soldiers at the Master's side will attack, one at a time, and then the Uruk Master himself will attack.

An easy way to complete this instance is to run up to the Uruk Master at the beginning and wait until the adds spawn. The Torch-bearer will always spawn from the opposite path that the mobs do, so once you spot him, go after him and attack as he walks. The mobs will go straight to the door of the hut and stand there while you do this. You can kill the Torch-bearer unhindered and then when you're ready, go after the mobs at the door. In the next spawns, the Torch-bearer will alternate spawn points, left-right-left-right or the other way around, so you know which path to run towards and avoid the other mobs coming after you.