Helegrod Treasury

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Helegrod Treasury
Region: Misty Mountains
Area: Bruinen Source North
Location: [20.0S, 1.4W]

Helegrod Treasury is quest instance in the Misty Mountains. [20.0S, 1.4W]

This is a an outer treasury of the real Helegrod keep, which lies higher up. The entrance is located in the east of Bruinen Source North, high above Nan Gongarag, the narrow passage to Bruinen Source East. The corpse of the great dragon, Thorog, lied here until recent stirrings...

The gates of the treasury are locked unless having the Epic quest Chapter 8: Fire and Ice, and opening them triggers the instance.


The Exterior of Helegrod Treasury
Map of Helegrod Treasury




These mobs are encountered within this location: