Quest:Instance: One Hope Remains

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Instance: One Hope Remains
Level 50
Type Solo or Fellowship
Starts with Narmeleth
Starts at Gath Forthnír
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [10.9N, 23.9W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 15
Reflecting Pool Trollshaws Reflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool Angmar Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

One Hope Remains
"Wielding the broken sword Dúnachar, Narmeleth leads a party by secret ways into the stronghold of Gador Gúlaran to face Mordirith, the Steward of Angmar, and Mordrambor his servant. It is hoped that Mordirith will remember the pain Dúnachar inflicted upon him...."


The last hope to defeat Mordirith, the False King of Angmar, is a final assault on him in his stronghold of Gador Gúlaran.

Objective 1

Journey with Narmeleth to defeat Mordirith and Mordrambor.

Narmeleth: 'We must hurry, with Narchuil reforged it will not be long before all of Eriador is overrun.'

Objective 2

  • Follow Narmeleth
  • Protect Narmeleth

Journey with Narmeleth to defeat Mordirith and Mordrambor.

Narmeleth says, "We must hurry."
Narmeleth says, "With Narchuil reforged it will not be long before all of Eriador is overrun."
Narmeleth says, "Narchuil must be destroyed and Mordirith stopped."

Objective 3

  • Talk to Narmeleth
  • Protect Narmeleth

Journey with Narmeleth to defeat Mordirith and Mordrambor.

Narmeleth: 'Are you ready to continue, <name>?'

Objective 4

Journey with Narmeleth to defeat Mordirith and Mordrambor.

Narmeleth says, "I think we are nearing Mordrambor...I can sense Narchuil's nearness."
Narmeleth says, "I fear that if we must fight Mordrambor, I cannot approach him too closely."
Narmeleth says, "Otherwise, Mordrambor could use Narchuil's power to dominate my mind."
Narmeleth says, "Instead, one of you must approach him and fight in my name."
Narmeleth says, "I only have the strength to aid one of you, so make sure only one of your number approaches Mordrambor."
Narmeleth says, "Mordrambor, give up this madness."
Narmeleth says, "Throw Narchuil into the flames! It will be your undoing!"
Mordrambor says, "Madness? Nay, Amarthiel, it is thou who hast fallen into madness."
Mordrambor says, "Madness is challenging Mordrambor, Champion of Angmar!"
Mordrambor says, "With Narchuil's power, I will lead an army against Imladris, and none shall stand in my path!"
Narmeleth says, "Go now! One of you must fight Mordrambor in my name!"

Mordrambor says, "Feel the fire of Narchuil, <name>!"
Mordrambor says, "Suffer Narchuil's anger, <name>!"
Mordrambor says, "Narchuil's mark is on you, <name>!"
Narmeleth says, "Come closer, <name>!"
Narmeleth says, "You must come closer if I am to remove the mark, <name>!"
Narmeleth says, "You are free of the mark, <name>! Go now!"
Narmeleth says, "Be free from his curses, <name>!"
Narmeleth says, "Go now, <name>! Strike Mordrambor!"
Narmeleth says, "Stand strong, <name>!"
Narmeleth says, "Move away from Mordrambor, <name>! I haven't the strength!"

Mordrambor says, "It is not possible... Narchuil was mine...."
Narmeleth says, "With this ring I wielded great power..."
Narmeleth says, "Armies fell before me, and enemies trembled at my very name."
Narmeleth says, "All the deeds I did as Amarthiel, Champion of Angmar..."
Narmeleth says, "I sought for power, for approval, for brave and heroic deeds..."
Narmeleth says, "That which I sought has turned to was all for naught, and I am only Narmeleth."

Narmeleth says, "We need haste, for we still must deal with Mordirith."
Narmeleth says, "Look! The cavern's shaking has knocked one of the columns over."
Narmeleth says, "Carefully now, let us cross over to the other side."

Objective 5

  • Talk to Narmeleth
  • Protect Narmeleth

Journey with Narmeleth to defeat Mordirith and Mordrambor.

Narmeleth: 'We must hasten if we are to take Mordirith unawares.'
Narmeleth says, "Let us continue, <name>."

Objective 6

  • Talk to Narmeleth when you have readied yourself
  • Protect Narmeleth

Journey with Narmeleth to defeat Mordirith.

Narmeleth says, "I do not know what we will find behind this door."
Narmeleth says, "Ready yourself, <name>."
Narmeleth: 'Let us end this, <name>."
Narmeleth says, "Let us end this, <name>."
Narmeleth says, "Our final task is nearly at hand. Prepare yourself!"
Narmeleth says, "Look!"
Mordirith says, "Ah, Amarthiel, I welcome thee to Gador Gúlaran."
Mordirith says, "Your arrival here is not unexpected, although your companions do surprise me."
Mordirith says, "Did you beguile them with winsome words of how you sought to redeem yourself?"
Mordirith says, "How laughable!"
Mordirith says, "I know what you truly seek. You wish to overthrow me again and regain Angmar!"
Narmeleth says, "Silence, False King!"
Narmeleth says, "I seek your overthrow, true... but I seek the downfall of all of Angmar as well!"
Narmeleth says, "Narchuil is gone, destroyed! I am free of the Dark Lord's influence!"
Narmeleth says, "I am Amarthiel no longer! I am Narmeleth, as my father named me!"
Mordirith says, "We shall see about that, "Narmeleth." We shall see...."

Narmeleth says, "Guard your thoughts! Mordirith may use them against us!"
Narmeleth says, "Stand firm!"
Antheron Illusion says, "Come, Narmeleth!"
Antheron Illusion says, "There is much that I can still teach thee!"
Narmeleth says, "Stand strong, <name>!"
Narmeleth says, "Do not lose hope!"
Sara Oakheart Illusion says, "How could you betray me?"
Sara Oakheart Illusion says, "When I was the only one who cared for you!"
Narmeleth says, "Be free from their curses!"
Narmeleth says, "Do not falter!"
Laerdan Illusion says, "Daughter..."
Narmeleth says, "Father?"
Laerdan Illusion says, "How could you betray me..."
Laerdan Illusion says, "Your own father..."
Narmeleth says, "Father, no!"
Laerdan Illusion says, "Look at what you have done..."
Laerdan Illusion says, "You are selfish and weak. You will never defeat Mordirith!"
Narmeleth says, "Enough of this, Mordirith. Face me, you coward!"
Mordirith says, "As you wish, Narmeleth!"
Mordirith says, "Oh, you have struggled hard...but it was all for naught."
Mordirith says, "Here you shall die, your hopeless quest for redemption a failure."
Mordirith says, "Amarthiel, though, long will her deeds be remembered!"
Mordirith says, "All those enslaved by Angmar will curse her name... and the name of her father!"
Mordirith says, ""Laerdan the Fool" he shall be called!"
Mordirith says, "Laerdan, whose pathetic love for his daughter blinded him and doomed all of Eriador!"
Narmeleth says, "NEVER!"

Objective 7

  • Speak to Narmeleth

Speak to Narmeleth.

With the last of her strength, Narmeleth drove the broken blade into the chest of Mordirith. His crumpled form lies near the collapsed form of Narmeleth.

Narmeleth: 'It is done... Mordirith's spirit is gone, thrown into the void... never to return... I fear, though, it has cost me what grace remained within me and my time here in this Middle-earth is ending....
'Nay... do not weep! I would gladly pay this price again. I now can leave these shores knowing that I have helped, in a small way, push back... the darkness I served for so very long. Soon, I will see my mother... my father....'
Narmeleth says, "The flowers of Lindon! I can see them once more...."

Narmeleth: Her life spent defeating Mordirith, the lifeless form of Narmeleth lies before you. Her face, once wracked with guilt and sorrow, is now at peace.
You should now return to Gath Forthnír to let them know all that has transpired.