Defence of Harwick

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Defence of Harwick
Region: East Rohan
Area: The Wold

Defence of Harwick is a repeatable public quest instance within the Wold, in East Rohan.

Harwick is under attack by a force of Easterlings. This instance covers the defence of the South-east gate.


The location can only be reached by quests granted by Wulfin in Harwick, and only after the prerequisite quest Aiding the Eastemnet has been started.





These mobs are encountered within this location:


Long have the defences of Harwick stood defending the furthest borders of the Eastemnet against those who would wish to bring harm to the people of Rohan. An army of Easterlings is marching upon the city as we speak. We now call upon these walls to stand firm and strong in the face of our enemy one more time.