Sâd Torech

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Sâd Torech
Region: East Rohan
Area: Norcrofts

Sâd Torech is a repeatable public quest instance within Norcrofts, in East Rohan.

Sâd Torech was Rohirrim village destroyed by an earthquake. It is the source of high quality pitch.


The location can only be reached by quests granted by Aldbéort in Cliving, and only after the prerequisite quest Aiding the Eastemnet has been started.




These mobs are encountered within this location:


Some mobs and vases are on higher levels on the tops of bridges and buildings. It is possible to clamber up a pile of ruble on the east side of the bridges, after jumping over the gap, and reach a wooden platform. From here there are "beam attachment points" that can be activated by right clicking to create a beam that spans most of a gap to the next point. This allows crossing of both bridges, and access to higher levels access the northern bridge.


Sâd Torech was a village of Gondor until the ground shook and the town literally split in two. The residents didn't stand a chance against its fearsome might, while some were crushed beneath building, many were swept away by the river that now swiftly flows through its centre. Within a moment of the tragedy striking, they were all gone. There is nothing we can do for them now, but they may still be able to aid us. The town was known for its pitch, a thick black sticky substance that can seal a leak on a boat or burn for an entire night. They stored it in vases that may still be intact.