Quest:Instance: Prisoner of the Free Peoples

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Instance: Prisoner of the Free Peoples
Level 50
Type Solo only
Starts with Muildir
Starts at Delossad
Start Region Trollshaws
Map Ref [37.9S, 13.5W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 11
Reflecting Pool Trollshaws Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Prisoner of the Free Peoples
"The pages of Sara Oakheart's journal uncovered the way into the ruins of Delossad, once called Sithad in brighter days. The search for Narchuil has led here, but to what end? What have these ragged stones seen...?"


You have travelled with Muildir to the ruins of Delossad to search for answers to the mystery of Narchuil's past.

Objective 1

Muildir is hiding by the entrance of Delossad.

Muildir is waiting to speak with you before you investigate the ruins of Delossad.

Muildir: 'Hearken, <name> -- many of the Angmarim that came to Tâl Bruinen are searching elsewhere, but some of them have returned to search the ruins.
'Defeat those that you find here and return to me before you search inside. I do not want them to see you opening the door.'
Muildir says, "Find and defeat all the Angmarim outside the entrance, <name>!"

Objective 2

Some Angmarim have returned to the outskirts of Delossad to search the ruins.

Muildir has told you of the Angmarim that lurk outside Delossad and wants you to defeat them before you search inside.

Muildir: 'Most of the Angmarim have gone to search other parts of Tâl Bruinen, but a few have returned here. Defeat them with caution, and then return to me. I do not want them to see you open the door.'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Muildir

Muildir is hiding by the entrance of Delossad.

You have defeated the Angmarim that returned to Delossad and should now return to Muildir.

Muildir: 'Very good, <name>. Your exploration of the ruins should now be uninterrupted. A word, though, before you try the door again, my friend: Delossad is an ancient place, and some memory of great evil hangs over its stones. I fear that something terrible came from there and would ask you to keep a clear head while you are inside.
'Examine anything that seems unusual, for I believe that the memory of whatever sorrow hangs about that place will make itself known to you. Learn what you can but remain wary -- creatures of the dark are drawn to such places, and you may need to defend yourself from them.
'I will stay on guard out here, watching to ensure that no enemies enter Delossad while you are within.'

Objective 3

  • Examine unusual items within Delossad

The interior of Delossad, known as Sithad in forgotten days, is dark and gloomy. Its walls have seen great sorrow, and a heavy air hangs over all.

You are searching within the dim half-light of Delossad for clues to the mystery of Amarthiel's ring, Narchuil.

Muildir: 'Go now into the depths of Delossad and uncover what secrets you can, <name>! I will keep watch out here to ensure that your search remains uninterrupted.'

Examined the Brazier

Elf-maiden says, "Father... I am frightened..."
Elf-maiden says, "How did I come to be here? I... do not remember!"
Laerdan says, "Do not be afraid, Narmeleth."
Laerdan says, "I will not let them hurt you anymore."

Examined the Urn

Laerdan says, "I want you to listen to this very carefully, Sara."
Laerdan says, "She may not always be... herself."
Laerdan says, "She may yell at you, or threaten to strike you. Rise not to anger!"
Laerdan says, "Narmeleth can be cured of this. I am certain of it!"
Laerdan says, "Do you understand? Repeat to me your duties."
Sara Oakheart says, "I am to bring her meals twice a day, and water with which to bathe."
Sara Oakheart says, "I am to treat her kindly, but must not give her news of the world outside."
Sara Oakheart says, "I am not to ask of her past, and she is not to leave her room."
Laerdan says, "Very good, Sara. The duty is yours."
Laerdan says, "May you hold it for as long as your predecessor, for Narmeleth's sake."

Examined the Fallen Brazier

Laerdan says, "I brought you some flowers, Narmelleth."
Narmeleth says, "I do not want any flowers."
Laerdan says, "But these are so nice! Do you remember, in Lindon..."
Narmeleth says, "I said I do not want them!"
Narmeleth says, "I do not remember Lindon! I remember only dark, terrible places!"
Narmeleth says, "I remember shouting, and the clash of swords!"
Narmeleth says, "Was I in a battle? I remember pain... and death!"
Narmeleth says, "There was a warrior... I cannot see his face..."
Narmeleth says, "I would trade it all to remember flowers."
Laerdan says, "I will prepare another room for you, my daughter. This one... has become unpleasant."

Examined the Fallen Brazier

Mordirith and two others passes by and disappears again

Examined Books

Sara Oakheart says, "Laerdan! I did not think..."
Laerdan says, "What do you have there, Sara?"
Sara Oakheart says, "She has been so lonely, Laerdan, and she asked for books... I thought..."
Laerdan says, "Books! I told you most clearly not to do such a thing!"
Laerdan says, "I am sorry, Sara. You did not mean any harm."
Sara Oakheart says, "What happened to her, Laerdan? Why do you keep her locked up like this?"
Laerdan says, "My daughter's heart was claimed by shadow."
Laerdan says, "If you were given the chance to bring back one you loved from darkness..."
Laerdan says, "...would you not take it?"
Sara Oakheart says, "Is there not someone who could help you? The Elves..."
Leardan says, "I fear what my people might do, if they knew Narmeleth still lived."
Laerdan says, "I will tell Master Elrond... when Narmeleth has recovered."
Laerdan says, "No more books, Sara."

Examined the Brazier

Laerdan says, "Sara tells me you have not been eating, Narmeleth."
Narmeleth says, "I will eat naught the Oakheart brings me!"
Narmeleth says, "I am Amarthiel, the Champion of Angmar! Thou cannot keep me there!"
Laerdan says, "I did not come here to speak with you, Amarthiel."
Laerdan says, "I came to speak with Narmeleth, my daughter."
Narmeleth says, "I am the Champion of Angmar! So shall I always be!"
Laerdan says, "You are Narmeleth, an Elf-smith of too great skill, and my daughter."
Narmeleth says, "Where is my ring, foolish one? Where is Narchuil?"
Laerdan says, "You will never see your ring again, Amarthiel. I have sent it beyond your reach."
Narmeleth says, "Lies! Thou hast kept it for thyself, and one day I shall take it from thee!"
Laerdan says, "Narchuil is beyond your power now, Amarthiel. You will never hold it again."
Laerdan says, "This room, too, has an unsavoury air. I will prepare another for you."
Laerdan says, "I will return to see you in three days, Narmeleth."
Narmeleth says, "Narmeleth is no more! Amarthiel will live forever!"

Examined the Urn

Narmeleth says, "Is there someone there?"
Mordrambor says, "Hail, Amarthiel, Champion of Angmar!"

The door closes behind Mordirith

Narmeleth says, "Stay away! Father! Sara!"
Narmeleth says, "I... I remember you..."
Mordirith says, "Angmar has missed thee, Amarthiel. Our master grieved when thou were lost."
Mordirith says, "It has been many years since thou were taken, hidden from our master's sight..."
Mordirith says, "But thou remain his humble servant, dost thou not?
Narmeleth says, "Though the daughter of Laerdan sought to restrain me, I have the greater power!"
Narmeleth says, "My loyalty is to Angmar, ever and always! Amarthiel serves one master!"
Mordirith says, "Good. I knew it would be so."
Mordirith says, "In time, we will repay thy jailors sevenfold, Amarthiel."
Mordirith says, "We must move now with haste."
Narmeleth says, "It will please me to exact my revenge upon the Elf Laerdan and the crone Oakheart."
Narmeleth says, "Oakheart spoke often of her cottage, taunting me with her freedom."
Narmeleth says, "When my strength returns, I will see it burnt to the ground, and the crone with it..."
Mordirith says, "It is better than she deserves, Amarthiel."

The door remains closed, you are trapped

Mordrambor says, "I welcome thee to Sithad, <name>, the site of thy doom."
Mordrambor says, "These walls have seen much, have they not?"
Mordrambor says, "I have a message for thee, doomed <race>, and may it give thee joy."
Mordrambor says, "We have found Narchuil."
Mordrambor says, "Goodbye, <name>. We will not meet again."
Muildir says, "<name>! <name>!"
Muildir says, "Quickly, pass me the keys, and I will open the gate!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Muildir

You have encountered Mordrambor within the depths of Delossad, and he has locked you within one of the cells where Amarthiel was imprisoned.

Muildir has come to your aid and will free you from the cell.

Muildir: '<name>, are you alright? The Black Númenórean appeared outside Delossad, and I only had a moment in which to hide myself. Were it any other opponent, I would have engaged him in battle, but I could not hope to defeat him without others of my kindred. He came to the door and passed inside, and I followed behind him in secret, hoping beyond hope that I might oppose him in the final need.
'I shudder to think what he might have done had he known I was there!
'Let us leave this place, friend. You can tell me what you have learned as we travel out of the shadows of this sad ruin!'
Muildir: 'Let us leave this place. Memory hangs on its stones like a shroud and fills me with unease.'