Quest:Instance: Mordrambor

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Instance: Mordrambor
Level 50
Type Solo only
Starts with Calenglad
Starts at Tinnudir
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [12.7S, 67.2W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 11
Reflecting Pool Evendim Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

"The time has come. Angered by Mordrambor's treacherous betrayal of Laerdan, the Ranger Calenglad is determined to confront the Black Númenórean and learn where Narchuil, the ring of Amarthiel, resides...."


Calenglad has decided to confront Mordrambor and learn if he knows anything about Narchuil.

Objective 1

Calenglad is inside the keep on Tinnudir.

You have entered the keep on Tinnudir to confront Mordrambor, the imprisoned Black Númenórean.

Calenglad: 'Let us meet with Mordrambor, <name>. We have much to say to him...and hear, I expect.
'We will need to be on our guard. Let us learn from Laerdan's folly, and our own: even in captivity, a Black Númenórean may cause much trouble.'

Objective 2

Calenglad is inside the keep on Tinnudir.

You have entered the keep on Tinnudir to confront Mordrambor, the imprisoned Black Númenórean.

Calenglad says, "Mordrambor will learn it is unwise to trifle with the Dúnedain."
Calenglad says, "Tadan will be pleased to see us and to have a rest from watching the prisoner."
Dúnedain says, "Hail, Calenglad."
Noise like a small landslide
Calenglad says, "What was that?"
Dúnedain says, "It came from upstairs!"
Calenglad says, "It is Mordrambor! <name>, come with me!"
Dúnedain says, "What is happening?"
Dúnedain says, "I will stand with you!"
Calenglad says, "Look!"
Mordrambor says, "So perish all who oppose the might of Angmar!"
Mordrambor says, "<name>, my friend! I hoped thou wouldst see my triumph!"
Mordrambor says, "I will see thee again, <name>, and will become thy doom!"
Mordrambor magically vanishes
Dúnedain says, "Curse him!"
Calenglad says, "Colhamnir! Hold on!"
Calenglad says, "<name>, find Tadan!"

Objective 3

Tadan is inside the room atop the stairs, where Mordrambor was being held prisoner.

The Black Númenórean has escaped from his prison, and there is no sign of his jailor.

Dúnedain says, "Carchammadel, no!"
Tadan says, "<name>...I am...sorry...."
Tadan: '<name> was Tann Morgul. I kept meaning to bring Calenglad...but....
'Mordrambor...his sorceries....'

Objective 4

  • Talk to Calenglad

Calenglad is inside the keep on Tinnudir.

Mordrambor has escaped, and in his wake, he has left the dead and the dying.

Calenglad says, "Not Carchammadel too!"
Calenglad says, "Tadan...."
Calenglad: 'Mordrambor is gone, <name>, and he leaves many of my people dead or dying. It seems that he wove cruel sorceries within the mind of his jailor: how often did Tadan resolve to bring Tann Morgul to me, only to have the matter slip from his memory? It is clear that this relic of evil gave to our prisoner some measure of the power he sought.
'Nay! Do not blame Tadan for this! Any of us could have done this. His was a dangerous duty, and he has come now to the end of his service. Weep for him, but do not lay the blame at his feet! It belongs with Angmar and its cruel servants alone.'
Calenglad: 'We must repair the damage done to the keep, but there can be no cure for some of these hurts.'