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Featured Instance Mechanics

Featured Instances were added with Update 18 and are available to players with characters of level 100 and above. Every week, changing on Monday at 10:00 a.m. server time, a specific scaling instance (or raid) from LOTRO's old favorites is featured in the Instance Join panel. Characters level 100 and higher can launch it through the Instance Join panel Specific Tab.

Each instance can be run daily at level 100-149 and at level 150. The instance must be run no more than eight levels below or above the level of your character to obtain the featured instance quest (i.e. the mobs in the instance must not be grey or purple). As of Update 34.3, the featured instance level cap quest no longer require Tier 2 completion of the Instance.
Completing the featured instance quests will award extra rewards for completing the listed instance, in addition to the regular loot from the instance chests, resetting daily at 3:00 a.m. server time. The quests can additionally be reset with Mithril Coin, as well. The quest reward from a level 100-149 run is a Grey Box of Ancient Spoils. For a 150 run, the quest reward is a <Colour> Box of Ancient Treasures, with the colour depending on the instance. These boxes contain similar loot as the grey box.


Update 22.2 introduced featured instance challenges whereby players earn Newfound Coins by completing the challenge quests for the week's featured instance. These coins can be bartered at a Quartermaster (Featured Challenge Rewards Vendor) for armour pieces and cosmetics. Update 32 removed these challenge quests and Newfound Coins are now awarded by the cap level featured instance quest. The cap level featured instance quest requires you to run the instance on tier 2, but it is no longer necessary to complete the challenge.

Initially the challenge chests for any of the instances regardless of the current featured one, had a chance to also drop one or a few pieces of equipment from the featured instance set or jewellery. They were completely randomly rewarded out of the entire sets and not restricted to the classes that were actually in the group. This drop chance was removed in U18.2.

When featured instances were introduced, they awarded boxes of Ancient spoils, but have been replaced by boxes of Forgotten spoils when the level cap was raised to 115. With Update 32 they award boxes of Ancient Treasures.

A complete description of the Featured Instance mechanic is contained in an April 2016 Dev Diary by "EdgeCase."


Featured Instance Rotation

The Featured Instance rotation follows a six-week roster. The weekly instance changes on Monday at 10:00 a.m. server time, and the quests reset daily at 3:00 a.m. server time. On Monday it is possible to do the daily quests twice without using Mithril Coin to reset them: once after the daily reset time but before weekly rotation time, and again after the instance changes.

The list of instances in the rotation have changed several times after the introduction of featured instances, with U18.2, U19, U19.1.1, U20, U21, U22, U22.2, U23.0, U32.0, 34.3 and U38.

Featured Instance U38 Box Reward - Level 100-149 Box Reward - Level 150
Haudh Valandil  Grey Box of Ancient Spoils  Crimson Box of Ancient Treasures
Woe of the Willow  Grey Box of Ancient Spoils  Malachite Box of Ancient Treasures
Agoroth, the Narrowdelve  Grey Box of Ancient Spoils  Marigold Box of Ancient Treasures
Stoneheight  Grey Box of Ancient Spoils  Amethyst Box of Ancient Treasures
Ost Dunhoth - Gortheron Wing  Grey Box of Ancient Spoils  Obsidian Box of Ancient Treasures
Glinghant  Grey Box of Ancient Spoils  Azure Box of Ancient Treasures

Featured Quest Reward Summary

The Featured Instance quest awards 50 Virtue Experience and a  Grey Box of Ancient Spoils.
The Featured Instance (cap level) quest awards 150 Virtue Experience, 100 Embers of Enchantment, a Newfound Coin a coloured Box of Ancient Treasures.

Both the grey and coloured boxes may contain the following items:
It always contains:

It may frequently drop:

It may sometimes drop:

It may rarely drop:

The coloured boxes additionally have a 25% chance to drop an armour piece of the Remembered Rivals set.

  • The Crimson box may drop armour for the head and legs slot.
  • The Malachite box may drop armour for the chest and gloves slot.
  • The Marigold box may drop armour for the head and shoulder slot.
  • The Amethyst box may drop armour for the shoulder and gloves slot.
  • The Obsidian box may drop armour for the legs and feet slot.
  • The Azure box may drop armour for the chest and feet slot.

Note that for each slot its armour piece can be obtained from two instances.