Quest:Instance: The Tomb of Elendil

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Instance: The Tomb of Elendil
Level 40
Type Fellowship
Starts with Calenglad
Starts at Tinnudir
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [12.7S, 67.2W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Chain The Blade That Was Broken
Reflecting Pool Evendim Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Respect, the one thing Gwindeth desired most, has earned passage into the tomb of Elendil, the resting place of the last Silithar. But with the lowering of the floods, robbers and thieves have taken the opportunity to plunder the tomb."


You have journeyed into the Tomb of Elendil in search of the Silithar needed to reforge Narsil.

Objective 1

Idella Crypt-breaker is somewhere within the depths of the tomb of Elendil.

Calenglad was right -- Idella Crypt-breaker's gang of tomb-robbers has taken advantage of the newly-lowered waters to plumb the depths of the tomb for treasure. She must be stopped.

Guiding Tomb-robber says, "My gang will teach you a lesson!"
Guiding Tomb-robber says, "Bring the rest of your dogs back here! Idella wants them sniffing out the treasure."
Prowling Tomb-robber says, "Yes, sir. I'll let them know."
Villainous Tomb-robber says, "Did you hear that?"
Guiding Tomb-robber says, "Idella is not going to be happy. That's all I'm going to say to you."
Guiding Tomb-robber says, "Don't make me reduce your shares of the treasure, because I will if you keep this up!"
Guiding Tomb-robber says, "Excuses? I don't want to hear your excuses!"
Guiding Tomb-robber says, "Now is the chance to prove your worth!"
Guiding Tomb-robber says, "At least now there will be fewer with which to divide the treasure!"
Guiding Tomb-robber says, "We might have taken great treasures from that crypt, and now they've spoiled it!"
Guiding Tomb-robber says, "What treasures lie now entombed with them, of no use to anyone?"
Guiding Tomb-robber says, "Tell your men to use more caution down here!"
Guiding Tomb-robber says, "Bring my message to the Crypt-breaker! I will handle this!"
Greedy Tomb-robber says, "I will, sir!"
Greedy Tomb-robber says, "Where is Idella? Has she already gone ahead?"
Tomb-robbing Archer says, "Idella is in the undrowned section already."
Tomb-robbing Archer says, "She is a good distance ahead."
Villainous Tomb-robber says, "She is a good distance ahead."
Villainous Tomb-robber says, "This place gives me the chills!"
Villainous Tomb-robber says, "Save some of the valuables for me!"
Villainous Tomb-robber says, "Oi! Can you hear me in there?"
Villainous Tomb-robber says, "Keep digging!"
Villainous Tomb-robber says, "We're on our way! Hang on!"
Villainous Tomb-robber says, "I'll want more of the loot for this, you understand?"
Villainous Tomb-robber says, "Have you out of there in no time, lads!"
Villainous Tomb-robber says, "Who goes there? I'll take you on!"
Guiding Tomb-robber says, "What's that sound? Who goes there?"
Guiding Tomb-robber says, "My gang will teach you a lesson!"
Guiding Tomb-robber says, "To me, my friends!"
Prowling Tomb-robber says, "I hope we don't see the Blue Lady down here. I've heard tales."
Prowling Tomb-robber says, "Idella will split the treasure with us. I just wish there weren't so many of us!"
Prowling Tomb-robber says, "Who knows what riches were drowned in the deep reaches?"
Prowling Tomb-robber says, "There's treasure to be had further in, I'm sure of it!"
Prowling Tomb-robber says, "It's true! This was all underwater!"
Prowling Tomb-robber says, "I hope Idella will be all right. She's tough, but she's fair, especially with treasure!"
Prowling Tomb-robber says, "We're not the only ones poking into the unflooded section, I warrant."
Prowling Tomb-robber says, "I heard that the Blue Lady was responsible for flooding this place, a long time ago."
Prowling Tomb-robber says, "No one knows what the kergrim want with treasure, but you find them in places like this."
Prowling Tomb-robber says, "Noser is going to have a leg of lamb when we're back to the surface. Aren't you, boy?"
Prowling Tomb-robber says, "These kings have been dead for hundreds of years. They don't need their loot anymore!"
Greedy Tomb-robber says, "I'm saved! The treasure will all be mine!"
Greedy Tomb-robber says, "Oh no! Kergrim!"
Kergrim Rampager says, "Hear bugs go squish! Tasty, tasty!"
Tomb-robbing Archer says, "What are you going to do with your share of the treasure?"
Tomb-robbing Archer says, "You don't think those beasts will come back, do you?"
Tomb-robbing Archer says, "Do you believe those stories about the Blue Lady?"
Tomb-robbing Archer says, "This place gives me the chills!"
Tomb-robbing Archer says, "What was that sound?"
Tomb-robbing Archer says, "You don't think those beasts will come back, do you?"
Tomb-robbing Archer says, "Idella won't let us down, right? True as they come, you said."
Guiding Tomb-robber says, "Quiet, now. We have company! Where have Idella's sneaks gone?"

Idella Crypt-breaker says, "Halt, strangers."
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "You aren't part of my band. I would remember you."
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "We were here first, so the loot belongs to us. Show yourself out."
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "What? The King?"
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "There hasn't been a king in Annúminas for hundreds of years."
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "His treasures are now mine. Show them why, my friends!"
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "You are made of sterner stuff than I expected, strangers!"
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "There are suddenly some vacancies in my ranks."
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "They are yours if you want them. I have need of strength."
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "You will have a share in the treasure we take from this tomb, of course."
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "Again you speak of the King. You bore me with these fantasies."
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "Very well. With these words, you forfeit any claim to the treasure as well as your lives."
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "Take them!"
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "Enough of this! An extra share of the treasure to the man who brings me their heads!"
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "Where is it? It's not here?"
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "I was told it would be here! 'A stone of value beyond your dreams,' she said!"
Idella Crypt-breaker says, "No matter! I'll still turn a profit if I kill you and sell your belongings at Ost Forod!"

Objective 2

Gwindeth has come to the Tomb of Elendil, and is waiting to speak with you in its deepest chamber.

You have dispatched Idella Crypt-breaker, but there is no sign of the Silithar.

Gwindeth: 'Hail, <name>! You have done well to come this far into darkness, but the Silithar is no longer here!
'Listen well, for I will tell you where now it lies!'

Objective 3

The Silithar is somewhere in the caverns beneath the tomb of Elendil.

You did not find the Silithar in the final chamber of the tomb of Elendil -- it must have been carried somewhere by the retreating waters.

Gwindeth says, "The stone you seek once bathed this room in golden light."
Gwindeth says, "The flood-waters of Nenuial carried the stone into deep caverns."
Gwindeth says, "I will show you the way, if you will follow."
Gwindeth says, "You will find the stone you seek through this passage, but heed my words with care."
Gwindeth says, "Do not wake Nornagol."
Gwindeth says, "It may be slow to waking, but it is a creature of hate and will destroy you if it can."
Gwindeth says, "Go now and hope that the memory of great Elendil smiles on your passing."
Crackskull says, "Death to intruders!"
Crackskull says, "Alarm! Alarm!"
Crackskull says, "Wake! Crush foes! Wake!"
Crackskull says, "Great sleeper awake!"
Crackskull says, "Wait! Not Kergrim! Noooo!"
Defeated Nornagol

Objective 4

  • Talk to Gwindeth

Gwindeth is now in the cave beneath the tomb of Elendil.

You have recovered the Silithar, and Gwindeth waits to speak with you.

Gwindeth says, "I told you not to wake Nornagol!"
Gwindeth says, "I will bring the Silithar to Calenglad, for I wish to speak with him again."
Gwindeth: 'You have done well to defeat Nornagol, <name>! I have taken the Silithar and will deliver it to Calenglad. Return now to him with the tale of your adventure!
'I will show you the way by hidden paths back to the surface.'
Gwindeth: 'Let us leave this place, <name>. The Silithar must come safely to the surface, and I would speak with Calenglad before I return to my home.'