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Region: East Rohan
Area: The Wold

Dígelon is a repeatable public quest instance within the Wold, in East Rohan.

The river Dígelon runs through this cave complex in the hills of the East Wall. A rare mushroom, prized by the Rohirrim, grows by the running waters.


The location can only be reached by quests granted by Wulfin in Harwick, and only after the prerequisite quest Aiding the Eastemnet has been started.




These mobs are encountered within this location:


Though the Dígelon now flows beneath the ground, it's rapids are still ferocious and powerful. Over the years it has carved out a network of caves and tunnels beneath the hills of the East Wall. A curious thing happened within the hot, steamy depths, a new plant began to grow. They look like any other mushroom you would have seen, but these glow with the light of the noonday sun. We hold these mushrooms dear, as they have brought light to an ancient violent darkness.