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Level is an integer that represents the growth and strength of characters and creatures.

This value is also used to classify various game content relative to the intended user group; see "quests" below.

Colors are used as Difficulty indicators to identify creature and quest levels relative to your character's current level:

Grey 9 or more levels below
Green 6-8 levels below
Turquoise 3-5 levels below
Blue 1-2 levels below
White Same level as yourself
Yellow 1-2 levels above
Orange 3-4 levels above
Red 5-7 levels above (creature level), 5-6 levels above (quest level)
Purple 8 or more levels above (creature level), 7-8 levels above (quest level)


Quests are categorized by level. Their level indicates what character level they were designed for. Quest level should be interpreted as a recommended minimum rather than a requirement; a character may successfully complete a quest a couple of levels higher than their own or may even struggle to complete a quest intended for lower level characters. Various factors, such as design flaws, character gear and player skill level, contribute to the questing experience.


Similarly to quests, Creatures (including Mobs) have levels that indicate their toughness against a character. Difficulty indicators display the relative toughness against a character's level. A too large 'mismatch' is either fatal in the upper end, or it yields neither XP nor challenge in the lower end.


Within an Area, the creatures and mobs are usually contained within a narrow level range, such as 22 - 26. The width of the range may vary from 1 to 10 (the latter is rare, if ever) but is often 3 to 5 notches wide. Some areas may also have quests and creatures way outside the main levels; then they are always contained in certain, narrow locations (e.g. Ost Alagos in Bree-land). Almost always the quest and creature levels match very well. Hence characters may search for best suitable area to explore using this page: Zones by level

Note that attempting to enter a "Red Zone" will result in a warning pop-up. Should you enter such an area, ALL MOBS will agro on you from great distances away and will usually manage to "single-shot" your character.

Crafting Resources

While not exactly about levels, resources for crafting usually follow the main level of an area quite well. For example, Light Hide is looted from creatures of levels 1 to 13, Medium Hide from levels 13 - 25, and so forth. Resource nodes use to follow a similar but not identical pattern; the variance between levels and node tiers is more unpredictable and is subject to the mood of the game-developers.

Character level

Characters earn levels through gameplay, as they grow. A new character begins at level 1 but has "levelled" to at least 5 before the Starter Area is completed. The current maximum level, or "level cap", on non-legendary servers is 150. The level cap has not always been the same, and for legendary servers, will advance at different rates. For a history of level cap changes on non-legendary servers, see Expansion.

As the level is increased, various Character Stats will improve, such as inherent resistance and health. In general, each level grants higher Morale and Power, and many levels unlock new Skills that are automatically bestowed (in the past, you had to purchase these at a Class Trainer). Class Trait Points are granted starting at level 2. Some levels also unlock slots for Virtues.

The use of Weapons, Armour, and many other items is tied to the character level. That plus some other treats.

Some locations and game-content, such as certain deeds, have requirements on minimum or maximum level. Some examples and the 'milestone' levels associated with them are:

Level cap history

Level Date Patch Expansion
50 24 April 2007 Official Launch N/A
60 18 November 2008 Official Release Mines of Moria
65 1 December 2009 Official Release Siege of Mirkwood
75 26 September 2011 Update 4 Rise of Isengard
85 15 October 2012 Update 8 Riders of Rohan
95 20 November 2013 Update 12 Helm's Deep
100 14 July 2014 Update 14 N/A
105 12 April 2016 Update 18 N/A
115 2 August 2017 Update 21 Mordor
120 9 October 2018 Update 23 N/A
130 5 November 2019 Update 25 Minas Morgul
140 10 November 2021 Update 31 Fate of Gundabad
150 8 November 2023 Update 38 Corsairs of Umbar