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Type: River
Region: Evendim
Area: Southern Emyn Uial
Location: [7.0S, 74.5W]

Swiftbrook is a landmark within Southern Emyn Uial, in Evendim. It is part of the Baranduin drainage basin. [7.0S, 74.5W]

High above the Eave-mere this rapid water stream begins in a series of waterfalls from even higher mountain spurs. A huge log crosses the stream and connects Northern and Southern Emyn Uial just north of the giants' camp, Amon Môth.


These deeds can be advanced by exploring Swiftbrook:


This cold and isolated stream cuts deeply through the rock of the mountains high above the western side of Lake Evendim before descending through tumultuous rapids to the Eave-mere below and thence to Lake Evendim itself.
Legends speak of a beautiful maiden who – distraught over the abandonment of her ancestral home and the encroachment of the wilds upon the once glorious city of Annúminas – came here and threw herself into the waters from the high walls of the chasm above.
Alas, even the old stories do not guess at the truth of this tale, or whom the woman might have been. — Deed


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