River Snowbourn

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River Snowbourn
Type: River
Region: West Rohan
Area: Sutcrofts
Location: [60.3S, 64.3W]

The Snowbourn is a river in Rohan that originates beneath the Starkhorn in the northern White Mountains. Its course flows north through Underharrow, then past the courts of Edoras. Then, as it absorbs the waters of Woodwell from the west, it takes a sharp bend east to meet the River Entwash among the grassy plains of Eastfold at Snowbourn.

Harrowdale -- the rise of the River Snowbourn

The deep valley above Edoras is called Harrowdale and between its walls the Snowbourn loudly rushes over stones. It is fed by a lesser stream from the west that cascades near a mountain path. After making its right turn just beyond Edoras it flows twelve leagues to its confluence with the Entwash, which is in willow-thickets. [1]

The Snowbourn serves as the border between the Westfold and the Eastfold. It is also, in conjunction with the Entwash north of their confluence, the boundary between the military districts of the West-mark and East-mark. [2]


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