Haudh Tarondor

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Haudh Tarondor
Type: Tomb
Region: Evendim
Area: Men Erain
Location: [16.9S, 66.2W]

Haudh Tarondor is a landmark within Men Erain, in Evendim. [16.9S, 66.1W]

The tomb of Tarondor is located between the road and the steep mountainside, just north of Haudh Tarcil where his father is buried. In spite of long ages gone by, this structure still announce the power and authority the kings of this age possessed. Luckily his tomb is still sealed and its content should be safe from Kergrim and robbers roaming the area.


Men Erain Terrain Map



These deeds can be advanced by visiting Haudh Tarondor:


The tomb of Tarondor, son of Tarcil. The reign of the seventh king of Arnor was marked by a time of comparative peace, for the strife that would consume and in time destroy the Kingdoms of the North had not yet arisen. — Deed