Enchanted River

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The Enchanted River, also called the Rhachló[1] (Sindarin for Cursed River) and formerly known as the Lúthir[2] (Sindarin for Flower River), rises in the Mountains of Mirkwood (Emyn-nu-Fuin), and flows northwards in a great loop to meet the Forest River under the canopy of the trees of Mirkwood. Its water is black, and carries a curse that gives the river its name - any person coming into contact with its enchanted water immediately falls into a long, deep sleep.

About halfway along its length, the Enchanted River flows across the Elf-path that leads west to east through Mirkwood to the Elvenking's Halls. Bilbo Baggins and the Dwarves found a boat kept on the eastern bank of the river, which they used to cross it on their journey to Erebor. However, Bombur fell in the river and lost consciousness, and his companions had to pull him out and carry him for several days with ropes.


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