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Type: River
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Haudh Lin
Location: [20.0S, 89.8W]

The river Lhûn flows in the eastern part of Ered Luin past the areas of Haudh Lin and Kheledûl, through Falathlorn, and past Celondim before it flows on to Mithlond and the sea. At Kheledûl friendly dwarves used run the docks, as do the elves in Celondim. Just below Duillond, at a high bridge across the Lhûn the Eastway runs from Thorin's Hall to Needlehole, in the Shire. The river is known as Lune to hobbits and men.


The river Lhûn was a river of north-western Eriador.
In the Second and Third Age, it emptied into the Gulf of Lune that broke through the Ered Luin and thence into Belegaer.
It had four tributaries: the Little Lune and one unnamed one arising in the Ered Luin, another unnamed one beginning in the Hills of Evendim north of the later capital of Arnor, Annúminas, and the fourth running through the western part of Yondershire. It was not connected to Lake Nenuial, the origin of the Baranduin (Brandywine) river.
In the First Age, the course of the river is not known. The Gulf of Lune was not created until the War of Wrath so the river must have had a different lower course. Possibly it connected with the Baranduin further south.

Course of the River


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