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This page is about the Silverlode as it appears in Lothlórien. For the river in T.A. 2799 during the Sixth War of Dwarves and Orcs under its Dwarvish name, see Kibil-nâla
Type: River
Region: Lothlórien
Location: [16.15S, 69W]

The Celebrant is a river flowing through Lothlórien [16.15S, 69W]

The river Celebrant has its source in the Misty Mountains. From there it streams to the east, through the Mirrormere and through Lórien. Eventually it ends in the great river Anduin. The banks of the river are steep: travellers who want to cross it best use the bridge just south of Caras Galadhon.


Celebrant is Sindarin for 'Silvercourse'. It was called Silverlode in Westron and Kibil-nâla in Khuzdul, the language of dwarves.
The Fellowship of the Ring followed this river when they traveled from Moria to Lórien.


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