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This page is about the Silverlode as it appears in T.A. 2799 during the Sixth War of Dwarves and Orcs. For the river under its Elvish name as seen in Lothlórien, see Celebrant
Type: River
Region: Azanulbizar, T.A. 2799
Location: [64.8N, 132.7W]


The river of Kibil-nâla flows out of the lake of Kheled-zâram, leaving the valley of Azanulbizar and eventually joining the Anduin. Kibil-nâla is the name given it by the dwarves in Khuzdul, but it is also known as the Silverlode in Westron and the Celebrant in Sindarin, though the names are roughly synonymous.



Kibil-nâla is the Khuzdul name for the river streaming east from the Misty Mountains through Lothlórien. In-game this river is more often referred to by its Sindarin name Celebrant.

Kibil is just one of many Dwarvish names for silver, and although nâla doesn't seem to be definitively defined it is hinted that it means 'path' or 'course', as does the Elvish rant (Celeb means silver). It most likely received its name because of the Dwarves, who discovered silver in the river, and as Dwaves will do, crafted it.