River Running

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River Running
Type: River
Region: Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
Area: The Dale-lands
Location: [28.9N, 25.9W]


The River Running or Celduin is a river that flows out of Erebor in Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands. [28.9N, 25.9W]

Cascading down from the Front Gate of Erebor, some of the river's water is diverted to form the canal of Dale, [27.2N, 25.0W] which flows back into the river at the south end of the city. [23.8N, 25.3W] The river bends south-west around Dale and through the Dale-lands, then turns sharply south-east just south of the ruins of Bendburn. [22.1N, 27.8W] From there it flows before a great rocky height and over another waterfall into the Long Lake. [20.4N, 25.9W]

The River Running continues at the south end of the lake, spilling over a greater waterfall and on to the Fields of Celduin. [10.0N, 26.4W] There, it turns east away from Eryn Lasgalen, towards the Sea of Rhûn. Along the way, it merges with the river Carnen, the Redwater, which flows south from the Iron Hills.


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