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The river Erui is a river in Gondor.

It is located in Eastern Gondor and was the easternmost of the Five Rivers of Lebennin. It flowed through Imloth Melui and divided Upper Lebennin and Lossarnach. The Erui was the domain of the brooding River-maid known as the Lone Lady, one of the Five Sisters, though she and her sisters were widely considered a myth by the end of the Third Age. The Lone Lady had long been detached and troubled due to the blood spilled in her waters during the Kin-strife, and the invasion by Haradrim during the War of the Ring enraged her. She commanded the waters of the Erui to animate the armour of long-dead soldiers of Gondor to drive away any who approached the Crossings. She was calmed by her sisters, but not before raising the armour of Castamir himself from the riverbed.


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