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The Gilrain is a long river in Gondor.

The Gilrain flows south out of the White Mountains through western Lebennin in the south of Gondor. Its tributary was Serni, joining it above Linhir. The Gilrain flows swiftly from its source until at the end of the outlier of the mountains it runs into a wide shallow depression. In this area it wanders for awhile, forming a small mere before it cuts through a ridge and falls in waterfalls, from whence it again flows swiftly towards the Bay of Belfalas, west of the Ethir Anduin. Legend said that the elf Nimrodel tarried there upon its banks as she came south out of the White Mountains, falling into a long sleep and thus missing Amroth's ship.

The river Gilrain forms the border between the areas of Dor-en-Ernil and Lower Lebennin in the region of Central Gondor. The river is the domain of the gentle River-maid Roamingstar, one of the Five Sisters, who dwelt in the mere. Roamingstar lulled the elf-maid Nimrodel to sleep with her song and so accidentally caused the Elf to lose her beloved, Amroth, a tragedy the River-maid still felt guilt for during the War of the Ring. She and her sisters were widely considered myths by then, but when her aid was sought for Gondor she gave it by preventing the Ruthless Dead from crossing her river into Lebennin.


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