Northcotton Farm

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This page is about the instance. For the nearby Hobbit market, see Northcotton Market
Northcotton Farm
Level: 65 - 150
Size: Small Fellowship
Cluster: In Their Absence
Region: Evendim
Area: Bullroarer's Sward
Location: [22.9S, 68.0W]

Several hobbits have disappeared recently in the vicinity of the Northcotton Farm. It was abandoned years ago, but something stirs within its grounds and a faint, sweet aroma wafts over the walls...

Northcotton Farm is a 3-man world instance just west of Oatbarton, in Evendim. [22.9S, 68.0W]

The entrance for the instance is just next to the peaceful Northcotton Market.


Northcotton Farm Entrance

Difficulty Level

This is a scaled instance, designed for a <small fellowship (3 players)> from level 65 and up.<br>
It is available in the [[Instance Finder]].

Estimated completion time is between <x - y> minutes.


Andy Boffin
Bounder Boffin
Crystal Bolger
Gladiola Farmer
Isenbard Bolger
Tulip Grubb




Known deeds for this instance (usually bestowed upon first entrance) include:


These mobs are encountered within this instance:


Name Difficulty Species Dread Morale
Legbarthil Elite Master Spider 265,771
Thadúr the Ravager Elite Master Gaunt Man 123,518
Úmheryn Elite Siegecraft 39,938


This instance is all about poison effects, although most of the poisons which will hurt you are clouds or auras which can't be dispelled, only moved out of. Poison resistance (e.g. fortifying food) could help.

A general comment on the instance is that if you deal with the special abilities of the bosses, stay out of poison clouds and remove corruptions on the trash then it is very possible to do this instance without a primary healer. A captain, lore-master or burglar (with green FMs) along with morale potions can easily keep up with what minimal damage you will take from regular attacks if you have a decently built tank.

The trash mob pulls in the instance are very manageable. They typically come in groups of 3 or 4 and will not give much any trouble.

  • Greenfields Trapper elite spiders have a 50% corruption damage buff which can be knocked down to 25%, then to nothing, with corruption removal skills.
  • Long-grass Tusker will drop boar meat which can be turned in to Parr Chopley. He'll finally have some boar meat from Evendim!

Boss 1, Legbarthil

The tank should start this fight by grabbing aggro and then running to the back wall since Legbarthil shoots a poison cloud immediately after. The animation for the poison cloud looks like a white line spit attack towards the tank. Be aware of this animation the whole fight so you'll be able to move away from new clouds before they appear.

The same animation is used to root players who don't have aggro. If a player gets rooted, pull Legbarthil away so that that player doesn't get stuck in the poison cloud that Legbarthil shoots soon after. The tank should also try to tank away from the ranged players so that they don't have to move much during the fight.

Legbarthil will lay three egg sacs during the fight at set morale thresholds (approximately 80%, 45% and 15%) which need to be killed quickly or they hatch three spiderlings that, if they reach her, will heal Legbarthil for about 10k each. The tank should run away from the boss as soon as she starts the animation so that a poison cloud won't be dropped on the egg. If spiders start moving toward the boss you can stun them to disrupt the heal, and try to kill them quickly.

Boss 2, Thadúr the Ravager

This version of Thadúr has more morale/power than in the Great Barrow but he is only an Elite Master instead of a Nemesis. He will call out one of several things periodically throughout the fight:

  • "Divided you shall fall." Distributed damage attack, group up.
  • "I shall unleash a gift upon those that face me." Get behind him. He will deal frontal area of effect damage.
  • "Poisonous vapors shall grant me strength." Remove this corruption ASAP, it will put a non-removable poison on the entire party.
  • "You shall behold the power of Dark Thorn." Thadúr will drop a moderately damaging poison cloud on himself.
  • "Aid me my minions!" Thadúr will summon a few goblins.
  • "This poison shall have a most interesting effect." Thadúr will randomly select a player and cast an effect on them. This effect can include a stun or a fear. Note: if you get feared while standing next to the entrance door, the fight can bug and reset Thadúr. Stay away from this door for this reason or pot it immediately.

It is recommended that all party members group up close to Thadúr, with the tank in front and the other two party members right behind. This means you will not need to move at all for the "divided you shall fall" attack. The tank can simply run through Thadúr when he does his frontal "face me" attack. As the fight goes on, these effects will come more frequently and can come on top of each other. Watch out for a combination of the "dark thorn" and "divided you shall fall" effects as you might be running away from the thorn effect when you need to be grouping up. If you have a primary healer in your group, you can probably sit through the dark thorn poison cloud if you want to make the fight a bit less chaotic (it's not as damaging as the spider boss cloud).

An optional strategy is to have ranged players stand back out of range of the "divided you shall fall" attack for the whole fight, keeping Thadúr's back toward them at all times. Melee classes will take more damage, a trade-off for fewer players to heal.

When Thadúr's morale gets low enough he will retreat, and you will have to backtrack to a previously locked door about halfway though the instance to reach the final encounter.

Boss 3, Úmheryn

Thadúr is up on a rickety wood tower with Úmheryn (a vile cauldron) in which Thadúr is brewing a poison to put into the Shire's water supply. There are four elements to this fight:

  • One player will have Thadúr's eye on them (big green eye above your head) and will drop damaging poison clouds wherever they move to. This is one of only two sources of damage in the fight and the player with the eye should run in a designated area away from the rest of the group to avoid dropping puddles on them. The eye will first appear on the player who gets initial proximity aggro to the cauldron and will cycle through the other players during the fight.
  • Hobbits will run out and try to eat the poisoned pies and will need to receive a slap -- use the glove icon that pops up, or bind it to a shortcut key with "/shortcut ## /slap" where ## is a number. 1-12 is your regular hotbar, 13-24 is your Ctrl+ hotbar, 25-36 is your Alt+ hotbar, etc.
  • The fight is a DPS race, in that if Thadúr is given enough time to concoct his brew and poison the well, you lose. Thadúr will give two warnings that you are about to run out of time, one with approximately 2 min. and then he will say that you have one minute remaining. Players should contribute what damage they can without interfering with the primary DPS player by dropping puddles in inconvenient locations.
  • The cauldron will periodically bubble over, giving any players in melee range an eye similar to Thadúr's eye. There are two warnings for this happening, first you will be warned that the fire is lit and the cauldron is getting hot and then Thadúr will tell you it is about to bubble over just before it does. After the first warning appears, a bucket will light up which you can pick up and douse the fire with by running past it. Alternatively you can just run out of melee range briefly after Thadúr gives his warning to avoid the spillover or stay and take the damage as long as a healer has time to keep you alive.

Once you destroy the cauldron, Thadúr descends and you can finally finish him off.

Tier 1

On tier 1, the damage done by the trash and bosses is less. You also have longer to take down the cauldron and Thadúr has fewer special attacks and will use them less often.

Tier 2

Challenge Mode: Don't use buckets on the cauldron. Also, the hobbits will run quickly toward the poison pies instead of walking slowly.

Old Non-scaled Loot

Gear (In Their Absence shared)



Northcotton Farm