The Eave-mere

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The Eave-mere
Type: Lake
Region: Evendim
Area: Northern Emyn Uial
Location: [5.8S, 72.8W]

The Eave-mere is a landmark within Northern Emyn Uial, in Evendim. It is part of the Baranduin drainage basin.[5.8S, 72.8W]

Fed by the waters of Swiftbrook this freezing cold lake offers a serene beauty of its own. Travellers often come here to enjoy nature and to meditate over times long past.


These deeds can be advanced by walking the Eave-mere:


The Eave-mere represents the lower stretch of the largest tributary to lake Evendim. Fed by rapids from higher up the mountain and crashing down in great falls towards the lake below, the mere itself is a calm and placid place that was said to be much admired by travellers seeking quiet solace in the old days of Annúminas before the city was abandoned and many of the further shores of Evendim were reclaimed by the wilds. — Deed


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