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The Poros is a river in southern Gondor.

About 400 Númenórean miles long, the Poros began in the Ephel Dúath of Mordor and then flowed south-west for about 300 miles, when it bent to the north-west and met the Anduin just before the Anduin began its delta. The Poros was crossed by the Harad Road.

The Poros formed the northern border of the region of Harondor (South Gondor), and the southern border of Ithilien. During the later Third Age it was the effective southern border of Gondor.

Around T.A. 1944 some Haradrim had crossed the Poros to South Ithilien, but they were defeated by the Southern Army.

In T.A. 2885, the Haradrim crossed the Poros and invaded Ithilien with great strength. Reinforced by Rohan, Steward Túrin II won a victory at the crossings of Poros, though the Rohirrim princes Fastred and Folcred were slain. The Haudh in Gwanûr was made where the Poros was crossed by the Harad Road.

The meaning of the name Poros is unknown.


Poros is the southern river leading up into the Anduin just west of Pelargir. Anduin map Bodies of Water