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The river Glanduin (Sindarin for Border-river), is a river in eastern Eriador.

The Glanduin cascades directly from the peaks of the Misty Mountains in the southern part of Eregion, forming a natural border to Enedwaith to the south. The river then courses west past Mirobel and Caras Gelebren, running through Swanfleet where it forms the great delta of the Wadewater together with several smaller streams pouring in from the Stoor-vales. At the west end of the Wadewater, the Glanduin flows together with the Hoarwell coming in from the north. These two rivers merge and become the great Gwathló river, which passes Tharbad and heads south, at last emptying into the ocean by the ancient port city of Lond Daer.


Gwathló map Bodies of Water