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Welcome to Project:Images, which concerns creating and organizing images for all sections of Lotro-Wiki that require them.


There are a few things to consider when uploading images.

  • Size (pixels) - For icons, use 32x32px. Anything else depends on the article or template it is being used for.
  • Format - Use .png for icons. Use .jpg for anything else.
  • JPG Quality vs Size (bytes) - Go for a good balance between quality and size. As an example, a quality of 9 (High) on the slider in Adobe Photoshop is great.


All files found in the Images category tree.


  • Initial image categorization

Work In Progress

  • Icons for Crafting items and indexes.

Things To Do

  • Instance Images for a few Instances
  • Images of NPC's and Mobs.
  • Lots and lots of icons!

Useful Links