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Welcome to Project:Skirmishes, which concerns the new functionality added with SoM and all the aspects thereof (encounters, associated items, soldiers and their customizations - and more).


Guidelines will be posted here as soon as they are created.


All things related to Skirmishes, including but not limited to: skirmish encounters, skirmish rewards, soldiers, soldier traits, skirmish marks.


Provide detailed and well structured information on the new functionality.


Work In Progress


Barny has done a lot of work through November 2013 of filling out and updating the barter rewards from the Skirmish camp. Here's his latest status report, taken from User talk:Sethladan:

Last comments before update 12 launch:
* Classic: Miss Barad Guldur
* Cosmetics: Miss some Items. I never will touch. This other people have to do!!!
* Crafting: Miss some Expertise Recipes
* Curiosities: maybe only need a update of the Marks
* Jewellery and Cloaks: is up to date
* Legendary Items: maybe only need a update of the Marks
* Light Armour: is up to date
* Medium Armour: is up to date
* Heavy Armour: is up to date
* Provisioner: maybe only need a update of the Marks
* Currency Exchange: is up to date
* Weapons: is up to date
Barny (talk) 13:51, 19 November 2013 (UTC)

Unfortunately, barter costs have changed with U12, as well, so the "up-to-date" pages will need to be reviewed again. I (Seth) just did Skirmish-Weapons, so that's caught up, but the individual items need their barter tables brought current, as well. Brainstorming in progress for tying these costs more tightly with templates because all this updating is ridiculous.

Up-to-date for Update 12


I have made a start with adding skirmish creatures and can be approached for advice. I'm not currently working on this actively. Ravanel (talk) 13:22, 19 March 2016 (UTC)

Structure of articles and categories => Orions

I'll try to sketch out the structure I would adopt, that would house all the information associated with the scope. This is divided into article and category structure. It might not overlap completely, co I decided to separate it. Generally each article should contain links to the articles lower in the hierarchy.

As soon as I get a positive feedback about the structure, I'll start creating all the necessary categories and/or articles.


  • Main Skirmish article - visible on the Main Page, probably in the Gameplay or Middle-Earth box - this one would be an introduction and general overview of the whole system, it would also contain the appropriate link to more specific articles.
  • Skirmish Instances - an article explaining various types of instances, configuration for various group sizes and difficulties, objectives, additional challenges, flow of the instances and so on.
  • Specific Instance
  • Skirmish Soldier - an article explaining the idea of a soldier, why is it not a pet, how to control it, how to customize it.
  • Soldier Roles - an article about soldier roles (classes) - explaining the capabilities of each role
  • Specific Role
  • Traits for specific Role
  • Specific Trait
  • Soldier Traits by type (there are four types now - Attribute, Skill, Training and Personal)
  • Specific Trait
  • All Soldier Traits
  • Specific Trait
  • Skirmish Marks & Rewards - article about the skirmish currency (Marks) and items barterable for the marks, where and how to barter.
  • Specific Skirmish Mark (there are around 15 different ones right now and I suppose this number will grow)
  • Skirmish Rewards - article about various types of skirmish rewards
  • Specific Skirmish Rewards type
  • Specific Skirmish Reward item


  • Main Skirmish Category - for everything skirmish-related
*Skirmish Instances
*Skirmish Marks
*Skirmish Traits
  • Traits by Type
  • Attribute Traits
  • Skill Traits
  • Training Traits
  • Personal Traits
  • Traits by Role
  • Archer Traits
  • Bannerguard Traits
  • Herbalist Traits
  • Protector Traits
  • Sage Traits
  • Warrior Traits
*Skirmish Rewards
  • Rewards by Type
  • Cosmetics Rewards
  • Crafting Rewards
  • Curiosities Rewards
  • Heavy Armour Rewards
  • Jewellery and Cloaks Rewards
  • Legendary Items Rewards
  • Light Armour Rewards
  • Medium Armor Rewards
  • Provisions Rewards
  • Weapons Rewards
  • Rewards by Level - not 100% sure about this, but might be helpful
  • 30-35 Rewards
  • 35-40 Rewards
  • 40-45 Rewards
  • 45-50 Rewards
  • 50-55 Rewards
  • 55-60 Rewards
  • 60-65 Rewards

Things To Do

  • Create guidelines and templates for articles
  • Add appropriate articles once SoM launches
  • Make some large-scale decisions:
  • There will be lots of items which are skirmish rewards but also obtainable by other means, most of them already have their articles (lv45 quest items, crafting items). How do we denote that those are also skirmish rewards?
  • Some items will be barterable for several various combinations of skirmish marks. I suppose we will have to create a template for a skirmish reward page which allows for this

Project Contributors