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Welcome to Project:System Tools, which concerns Templates, Skins, Tooltips and other tools.


There's no guideline for Templates, Skins and Tooltips. If you're working with these, you already know what you're doing. If you have a request or a suggestion for template please post it on the talk page.



  • Pages in Category:Templates are used by virtually all pages in the Wiki.
  • Every template should have a corresponding entry in Category:Template Documentation -- Template: <name>/doc
  • Templates used in article creation should have a corresponding entry in Category: Template Preloads -- Template: <name>/Preload
  • Boilerplates should transclude the corresponding Template <name>/doc file and normally, a Template <name>/Preload file.
  • Boilerplates easily becomes out of sync with Templates and their /doc and /Preload files


  • Anything concerning Tooltips and Skins


  • Organization and update of templates, including documentation, backlog of feature requests and bug fixes, and recategorization/code refactoring as needed.
  • Streamlining of JS and CSS files.

Work In Progress

Expanding/updating template documentation (mostly Seth and Magill - see User:Sethladan/Template Notes for progress).

Things To Do

  • Make a page with all templates, go through them, check usage documentation and update if necessary
  • Add disambiguate templates
  • Re-categorise all templates
  • Make a template for dungeons (similar to Template:Infobox Areas?)
  • Go through CSS files (mainly MediaWiki:Common.css), reorganize and clean out rules that we aren't actually using
  • Go through JS files (again, mainly MediaWiki:Common.js, but also dependencies), clean up code, and try to consolidate into fewer files

Useful Links

Tips for using Templates

Use templates for special characters

See: Category: Support Templates
  • Use this template: {{=}} to insert an equal sign into template copy.