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This page is written for Editors who are creating or modifying Crafting related pages -- namely Recipes and Items.

Articles created for crafting items and recipes are treated a bit differently than other general items in the game.

  • For help with more general articles, not dealing with crafted items or recipes, please view Help:Contents.

Basic page description

There are three basic components of a main Crafting entry which are all displayed on the same page:

  • The Recipe -- an Item: entry itself describing the recipe
  • The Crafting description -- a replica of the in-game Crafting page for a particular recipe
  • The one or more Items created from the recipe. -- one or more {{Lootbox}} entries describing the recipe output

All three of these will appear on the same page.

Since the components necessary for crafting are common across many recipes, they should already exist and only need to be referenced for their information to be included as appropriate. If they do not show up as expected, check for spelling errors, especially the use of special characters!

Crafting Templates

This is both convenient for editors to use and maintains the uniformity of these basic Crafting pages.

This template is found on the main help page, Help, in the "Article Creation" box as "Recipes." Using this automatically incorporates the following three templates.

  • Template:Recipe - Provides a cookie cutter layout of the recipe template that must be placed at the top of any recipe article.
  • Template:Crafting - Provides a cookie cutter layout of the crafting template that must be placed just below the Recipe template.
  • Template:Item Tooltip -- Automatically generates the appropriate tool-tip for the Recipe being created.

Item Namespace

  • A recipe article uses the Item: namespace. This means that every recipe AND crafted item article must begin with Item: -- An example: Item:Cotton Leggings Recipe and Item:Cotton Leggings. There are two different Templates to differentiate these two actions as their content IS different.

To explicitly search for a recipe you must type Item:Recipe Name to locate the article. Once Item: is typed any additional letters will start the auto-fill (Locate) feature in the search bar. This is a general way to both search for and create a recipe article in the wiki. If you do not include the "Item:" prefix, you will be given a list of potential pages -- including the opportunity to create a page WITHOUT the "Item:" prefix -- DO NOT DO THAT!

Similarly, DO NOT USE the New Item template found in the left-hand margin of all Lotro-Wiki pages, or on the main Help page in the "Article Creation" box as "Items" to create a new RECIPE. Instead, use the Create New Recipe template described above.

  • To create an Item for the OUTPUT of a Recipe, DO USE the New Item template found in the left-hand margin of all Lotro-Wiki pages, or on the main Help page in the "Article Creation" box as "Items" to create the new Item.

Spelling and Punctuation

Recipe article names must reflect the actual spelling and capitalization as it shows in-game.

Any special characters in the name should be used. We have the Special Characters addon shown at the bottom of every edit page for this purpose. Simply click on the desired special character and it will be inserted at the location of the cursor in the Wikitext (edit) window. Note that if you have selected the options, "Show edit toolbar (requires JavaScript)" and "Enable enhanced editing toolbar" "in your "My Preferences," "Editing." Preferences, you will also find a "Special Characters" toggle at the top of the editing window which gives a wider range of Special Characters.


Categorizing Crafting Icons

  • Resources include wood, deposits, scholar artifacts, and others.
Resources are typically harvested by Prospectors, Foresters, Scholars or Farmers.
See: Category: Resource Icons and Category: Resource Items
  • Components are crafted from resources, such as leathers, ingots, plants, and scrolls created to be used in production of other items.
Included in this group as the icons for optional components used to improve critical success in recipes.
See: Category: Component Icons and Category: Component Items
  • Ingredients are items that are purchased or acquired as drops, loot or in other ways.
See: Category: Ingredient Icons and Category: Ingredient Items
  • Items are crafted from components and / or Ingredients.

Icon Usage

  • At Lotro-Wiki, as far as possible we are using "generic icons" rather than one unique icon file per item.
  • Due to the use of the same icon for multiple types of items by LOTRO, an icon labeled as a component may also be used for other items such as ingredients.
Notice that in the tables, some icons do not yet exist as "generic", in that case, add the icon; naming it as the next in sequence in the form "type NN (quality)-icon.png"
Recipe and Crafted Item icons are treated differently in recipe articles than icons for General item articles.
The Icon name is "created" by the Template so that the Editor does not need to guess at the Icon name to use. (It can be overridden, however, if necessary.)
Recipe icons are already provided and only require that the correct proficiency level and profession be used in the template parameters to generate the correct Icon name. More information is reflected on the actual template. Example field: |icon = Apprentice Cook Recipe-icon. See: Category:Recipe Icons to view them all.
  • Note: Recipes for Tier 10 (Annorean) and Tier 11 (Doomfold) use the icons from Tier 9.
Crafted Item icons should be treated as explained here.
Individual components should use icons from one of these lists:


In an effort to reduce the number of individual Icons used for Items and tracked by name on the Wiki, since many of them are in fact the same image with simply a different name, we have adopted a "standardized" naming convention for icons, based upon their Quality and "where they are worn."
Notice that in the tables, some icons do not yet exist as "generic", in that case, add the icon; naming it as the next in sequence in the form "type NN (quality)-icon.png"








When creating an Item or Recipe article, editors do not have to worry about placing categories on the page. Our templates will do this for you. Please make sure you follow the template as instructed and place the correct information in the right fields.

Remember, you can always look at Help Boilerplate:Item or Help Boilerplate:Recipe in another browser tab or window at any time while editing to remind you of information.

Additional Information

Item page

Every Item article that is a crafted item should have the following information placed just below the Item tooltip template as is appropriate.

== Craft Information ==
Profession: [[PROFESSION_NAME]]


Recipe: [[Item:RECIPE_NAME|]]
Standard Recipe Result: {{Reward|STANDARD_ITEM_NAME|<amount>|plural=<name>}}

Critical Success Result: {{Reward|CRITICAL_SUCCESS_ITEM_NAME|<amount>|plural=<name>}}

* This item is used by an TIER_NAME [[PROFESSION_NAME]] as a component for the following:
** [[Item:ITEM_NAME|]]

View the [[INDEX_NAME]] for more details.
PROFESSION_NAME is Cook, Farmer, etc.
TIER_NAME is Apprentice, Journeyman, etc.
TIER_NUMBER is 1, 2, etc.
RECIPE_NAME is the name of the recipe
STANDARD_ITEM_NAME is the name of the standard recipe result - "<amount>" and "plural=<name>" are optional parameters - See: Template:Reward/doc
CRITICAL_SUCCESS_ITEM_NAME is the name of any critical success recipe result
ITEM_NAME is the name of the item describe the on current page
INDEX_NAME is "PROFESSION_NAME TIER_NAME Recipe Index" where the component is used.

See these pages for usage examples:

*Bronze Chain Link includes both parts of the crafting template because it is both a crafted item and an ingredient in other recipes.

See: Help:Recipe Index for details on the contents of the Recipe Index pages referenced above.

Recipe page

On a recipe page, following the Recipe & Crafting blocks, at least an Item Information should be added. Here are few examples of what could be seen:

== Item Information ==
This recipe is granted automatically when starting this crafting tier.


== Item Information ==
This recipe can be purchased from [[xxx]] inside the [[Tailor's Guild]].


== Item Information ==
* This recipe can be purchased from any [[NPC Novice Tailor|Novice Tailor]] or [[NPC Expert Tailor|Expert Tailor]]
* This recipe is also available at [[LOTRO Store Crafting#Tailor Recipes|LOTRO Store]]


== Item Information ==
* {{Recipe-drop|Tier=7b|Profession=Tailor}}
* This recipe is also available at [[LOTRO Store Crafting#Tailor Recipes|LOTRO Store]]

If the recipe allows multi-outputs, an Other Outputs section should be added. Here are examples if there are regular & critical outputs, or only regular outputs (see the template for examples):

{{Other Outputs
| Output 1 (standard) | Output 1 (crit)
| Output 2 (standard) | Output 2 (crit)


{{Other Outputs | crits=no
| Output 1
| Output 2

The Crafting Projects Page

See for current projects and discussions related to Crafting.