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Boilerplate:Item is a boilerplate for ease of copy and paste into new item articles.

Please use Create new item to create item articles.

This page is an explanation of all parameters and a guideline for additional, optional information desired for item articles.
The tool: Create new item allows you to create an item page by simply "filling in the blanks". I.e. adding the values to the appropriate parameters for your item.
Note that most items will NOT use more than a fraction of the possible parameters. The tool will display this page when you first use it. As soon as you "preview" the page, that display will disappear. You can always display the information on this page by simply opening another tab or page in your browser to Boilerplate:Item.
Below the parameter explanations, you will find additional, optional sections along with pre-determined formatting and information for the created article. If you do not need a section, you don't have to copy it into your article.
For help and information, see Help:Items and Template:Item Tooltip.
Important Notices:
  • Item name: {{subst:PAGENAME}} usually works well, but if the item name does not equal the page name, replace the code with the item name spelled exactly as in-game.
    Example: the page is named "Chainsaw (Level 33)" but the item is named "Chainsaw" (and assumingly other Chainsaw pages exist).
  • disambigpage: Please retain {{subst:FULLPAGENAME}} in the disambigpage field. Otherwise you must use ' instead of any apostrophe ( ' ).
  • Icons: Please use generic icons as far as possible. Navigate to wanted category from Category:Item Icons. Should an icon not exist, upload the new icon and make it Generic following the naming standard on the icon pages. Neither Image: nor File: nor .PNG is necessary. Example: "Cloak 1 (incomparable)-icon"
  • attrib: Enumerate all attributes as they are read at the in-game tooltip. Use <br> to separate items, e.g. +5 Might <br> +10 Maximum Power. Only includes line breaks in the 'attrib' parameter if there are actual line breaks in the tooltip (and not just text wrapping to another line). Use {{WEffect}} for standardized weapon stats like the +Parry chance from a sword.

Additional (Optional) Information

Add one or more of the following sections to the page as necessary to fully document the Item:

Quest Details

== Quest Information ==
This item is a selectable reward for the quest [Level] [[Quest:Name|]].


== Quest Information ==
This item is a reward for the following quest(s):
* [Level] [[Quest:Name|]]


== Quest Information ==
This item starts the quest [Level] [[Quest:Name|]].

== Location ==
Can be found at [[Location]] in [[Region|]]. {{Tooltip Coords|region|S|W}}


== Quest Information ==
This item is involved in the following quest(s):
* [Level] [[Quest:Name|]]

Crafting Details

Add a == Craft Information == section to the page that includes a {{CraftInfo}} template with details on the recipe that crafts the item (see {{CraftInfo}} template documentation for details).

Drop Details

Add a == Drop Information == section to the page that includes a {{DropInfo}} template with details on where/from whom the item drops (see {{DropInfo}} template documentation for details).

Reputation Details

== Reputation Information ==
Faction: [[Name]]

Quantity Required: #

Reputation Gained: # 

Barter Details

Add a == Barter Information == section to the page that includes a {{Barter Table}} template with details on what item to exchange for currency or vice-versa (see {{Barter Table}} template documentation for details).


For items that have an in-game appearance. Examples: armour, weapons, steeds, pets, decorations.

== Gallery ==

OR, in case of multiple images:

== Gallery ==
<gallery mode=packed heights="200px" style="text-align:left">
File:Name 2.jpg|Name 2|alt=Name 2

  • Uploaded images should comply to the rules of Help:Images.
  • Exception: pictures of decorations that are very dark may be taken by clicking on the item to lighten it up; this will cause the name tag to show.

Level-scaled Items

For items which are level-scaled (i.e. an item that has different stats at different item levels), do the following:

  • In the {{Item Tooltip}} template:
    • Set the scaled parameter to y
    • All of the following parameters should be set to a range of values from lowest known item level to highest known item level using the format specified below for each parameter:
Parameter Format Example
item_level low - high 25 - 362
damage low - high to low - high 120 - 240 to 480 - 650
dps low - high 37.8 - 117.3
armour low - high 1,456 - 10,982
(stats separated by newlines)
+low - high +987 - 1,045 Might
(ranged values on consumables)
(low - high) to (low - high) Restores (78 - 120) to (560 - 800) Morale every 2 seconds.
(see real example)
level low - high 60 - 120
sell {{Worth|...}} to {{Worth|...}} 2 Silver 12 Copper  to 89 Silver 34 Copper 
  • If the low or high value for a parameter is not known, specify ? (for example, armour = 5,678 - ?).
  • On the page add a section called 'Item Information' that includes {{ScaledItem}} which will display an explanation of level-scaling.
  • Note that we no longer use level-scaled stat tables! Level-scaled stat tables should be removed from existing pages and the pages updated to specify ranges of values in the tooltip instead.

For an example of proper formatting of a level-scaled item, see Item:Greater Dextrous Dagger of Fate.

NOTE: In some circumstances items with the same name and different stats should NOT be considered level-scaled. These circumstances are:

  • Standard and critical outputs of a crafted item have the same names but different stats
  • Different quests reward items with the same name but different stats

In these circumstances, do not create a single level-scaled item page. Instead, create separate pages for each item with a suffix on the page title indicating the item level, for example: