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Welcome to Project:Lore, which concerns background (Lore) information on NPCs, Locations and more.


Guideline information here.


All articles found in the Lore category tree, and anything else lore-related.


Provide detailed lore information for all relevant articles.


Work In Progress

  • Set up a list of terms that are not to be included as lore articles on Lotro-wiki until used in-game
    • Amras
    • Amrod
    • Anairë
    • Anfauglith
    • Ard-galen
    • Aredhel
    • Argon
    • Bëor
    • Caranthir
    • Celegorm
    • Curufin
    • Elmo (brother of Olwë)
    • Finarfin
    • Glaurung
    • Haleth
    • The Hopeless War
    • Maedhros
    • Maglor
    • Olwë

Things To Do

Much work still needs to be done.