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Welcome to Project:Monster Play, which concerns Monster Play in the Ettenmoors and all related content.


Guideline information here.


All articles found in the Monster Play category tree.



  • Templates for:
MP Quests Template:Infobox MP Quest
MP NPC's Template:Infobox MP-NPC
MP WBM's Template:WBMHeader and Template:WBMDetail for Warband Maneuvers
MP Mob Template:Infobox MP Mob

Work In Progress

NOTE: The use of warband maneuvers -- initial damage -- is reduced the same as any attack so the data must be adjusted based upon the "real" underlying damage vs damage shown.

Things To Do

  • All the articles need to be put into appropriate sub-categories. Freeps for Free People informat, Creeps for Monster Player information and the sub-trees under those categories.
Move all freep related articles under the freeps category.
Move all creep related articles under the creeps category.
General Monster play information should either be left here or sub-categories devised to cover them.
Example Questionables:
  • Creatures in the Ettenmoors -- hostile or neutral to both sides.
  • Creatures in the new instance -- hostile or neutral to both sides.
  • Non-quest trophies available to both sides.
Where should these be put with respect to the Monster Play category?

  • Ettenmoors areas need to be fleshed out:
info when freep controlled
info when creep controlled
screenshots of the entrances when freep or creep control it (probably center top of page side-by-side).
listing of quests within each area (freep versus creep controlled)
listing of the creatures within each area (freep versus creep controlled)
listing of deeds within that area (freep versus creep controlled)
In other words, for "switching points", the page for each area should contain 2 sections -- freep and creep with details based upon who holds that area.

  • Introductory guides are needed for both sides.
Freeps: Entering the Moors for the first time.
Similar to Army of Angmar type information but aimed at freep players. The reference article needs to be moved...
From the entry quest (a plea ...) through using the terrain and creatures to travel "safely" around the ettenmoors.
Creeps: Entering the Moors for the first time
Somewhat started, in the wrong area Army of Angmar. This article should be move into an introductory guide to the moors and fleshed out a bit more.